Misrepresenting Anarchism

It is no coincidence that in the mainstream media, the concept of “anarchy” and “anarchism” is continually misrepresented, either as whiny childish punks breaking stuff, or as entitlement-mentality communists pretending that their centralized collectivist master plan isn’t just another flavor of authoritarian statism. A recent article in Teen Vogue, trying to pass off “revolutionary socialism” and “direct democracy” as anarchism, is no exception.

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2 Responses to Misrepresenting Anarchism

  1. Norseman says:

    No coincidence.. If there were no rulers the ones who cause the most problems wouldn’t have a job

  2. xtron says:

    all governments become corrupt. all corrupt governments eventually fall.
    laws are how governments force compliance by the citizens.

    rules are the agreements a society uses as guidelines for orderly coexistence.
    there can be rules without laws and society can exist, and thrive, and expand.
    these societies are called tribes, and tribal societies have existed for as long as human life has existed, and in fact still exist today.

    tribalism is the anthesis of “revolutionary socialism” and “direct democracy”, and much closer to true anarchism than anything most people can imagin today.

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