Monument Fight – Salisbury NC

Fame Monument Salisbury NC

There’s a Fight happening in Salisbury NC. There is a meeting Monday night June 17th if you are interested in attending. Here is my input in today’s Paper.

I care more about history than I do about whether you are offended.
I don’t think it is a good thing to tear down historic Civil War era statues just because some people are offended.
I am against the destroying of historic works of art because some people are offended. I also dont like the idea of removing every mention of the Confederacy from the public square. I wish activists were more interested in promoting understanding between people than destroying history and art.
My real issue is history. This is not about race to me, it is about preserving history and being honest about our history. This may be offensive to some, but I care more about history than I do about whether you are offended. I am offended by the “offended” culture we live in.
I don’t like the idea of catering to every person who is offended by whatever it is they are offended by. Eventually, we will live in stark gray cities with no public art at all because people are offended.
I dont see anything in the constitution that guarantees a right to not be offended.
Tearing down statues, destroying public art and being politically correct just increases divisiveness.
This is a very dangerous path that this City Council Government is going down.
Leave History and Our Statues Alone.


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