My Utmost 6/17/19

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2 Responses to My Utmost 6/17/19

  1. David says:

    One of my spiritual struggles. If we see others doing wrong, the Bible teaches us to take them aside and offer guidance. Usually with the help of another. Most people see this as criticism and will tell you to take the plank out of your eye. More likely, they will tell you that we are all sinners and the Lord will accept us no matter what we do. I blame the church for this attitude.

    As I grow older, I find myself retreating into a smaller group of friends in order to limit interaction with other people. As events progress, I understand that this group will expand and that true spiritual guidance will help all of us become better Christians.

  2. a follower says:

    i do not think criticizing is the same as judging. At least if the one doing the Criticizing is doing it for the right reasons and in the correct manner as David has also stated.
    The world wants many of us to just shut up, and to become bitter of each other.

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