Naples arms seizure busts Iran’s Balkan-Italian arms smuggling routes

One of five Iranian arms containers seized in Naples

One of five Iranian arms containers seized in Naples

The seizure of five containers by the Maritime Police in the Port of Naples last Friday, Dec. 7 – before they were loaded on an Egyptian freighter – shut down two of Iran’s mainline clandestine arms routes to the Hamas-ruled Gaza from Kosovo and Macedonia via Croatia and Italy, DEBKAfile reports exclusively from its military and intelligence sources.

The Naples police acted on a tip-off from Israel.  Iranian arms smuggling rings were then partly rolled up in other parts of Italy together with “another cache of weapons.”

Western intelligence sources say this Israeli undercover operation was equal in significance and scope to the bombing on Oct. 24 of the Iranian-Sudanese missile industrial center at Yarmouk and the destruction of a stock of Fajr-5 rockets that was bound for the Gaza Strip through Sinai.

The Naples operation shut down two more Iranian clandestine arms-smuggling routes and sources of arms for Palestinian terrorists – this one from southern Europe.


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