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Alright, the above cartoon is a little funny. Unfortunately, too many Americans are this stupid. On purpose. Once the government understood that education can be used to “dumb down” our children and remold them into entitlement leeches, we started to lose our culture, history and country.

Some suggestions to consider:

Step 1.

Disband the federal Department of Education. A department whose sole purpose is to control our children is evil and would never have been given a second thought by our founding fathers.

Step 2.

Put our schools under the control of their local jurisdictions. The state can issue guidelines and ensure a uniform education based on reading, writing and arithmetic.

Step 3.

Get the homosexual agenda our of the schools. Bathrooms should be reserved for boys and girls.

Step 4.

Sexual education should be reserved for high school students. It has no place in elementary or grade school.

Step 5.

Offer teachers the option to work a full year instead of 185 days. This would allow them to receive more compensation for more time worked. A full paycheck and benefits for 3/4 of a work year should not be expected. Consider this information.

Step 6.

Remove common core for any schools still practicing this indoctrination. Teach critical thinking skills that will allow the country to become great again.

Step 7.

Allow former military to provide security in our schools. The children will see and learn the sacrifices of these soldiers for them and the country as a bonus.

Step 8.

Teach real history. Including the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, the Constitution and the War of Northern Aggression. Teach the truth about the evil of slavery including Irish slaves, the Muslim slave connection to the colonies and the court case which established slavery as an institution in the country. Imagine if people knew the first legal slave owner was a Negro (the term used at that time).

Step 9.

Revise the educational system so that teachers do not leave after a few years due to stress, low pay and physical abuse in some cases.

Step 10.

Teach the nation that if we continue to lose our children, we lose our freedom.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to Not Funny

  1. Publius Huldah says:

    God told parents to educate their own children. Our Framers were home-schooled.
    Schools controlled by State or county government are just as bad as schools controlled by the federal government. I started in the public schools in 1949. The express purpose of education at that time in my County was to bring all children down to the lowest common denominator -- the Principal said this to my mother.

    Today, Americans are too stupid to teach their children. But good home school materials can be found on the internet. Parents can form neighborhood groups where they educate their children. In our early days, we had “free schools” for the children of the poor whose parents too ignorant to teach their children anything. The schools were operated by philanthropists. We could have such schools now -- with retired Citizens donating their time to teach children. I’d donate my time to teach civics and analytical thinking. Parents of the children could serve as teachers’ aides, janitors, playground monitors, cooks, etc. Grocery stores could donate food.

    We don’t need computers for them -- we don’t need school “administrators” -- just paper, pencils & books.

  2. Exring says:

    All is well put. Critical Thinking is huge, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are key. All else stems from the “Basics”. Local control of our children’s education is a must. We are asked to continue to throw money at systems that will never improve because Parents that are interested and systems that allow discipline are required in order to set “limits” for individuals that have NONE, that is why they are called “Children”.

  3. Kathy says:

    That is a summary of what I fought for since I began teaching in 1966. Federal govt has no business in education and has managed to continue dumbing down kids. My own children did not get as good an education as I did, even in the area’s best schools, and my grandchildren’s Common Core education is disgraceful. But this all plays into the hands of leftists who work toward a totalitarian state, not freedom my ancestors fought to give us. ~ retired teacher

  4. Ralph says:

    Regarding the abolition of the U.S. Dept. of Education -- Rep. Massie (R-KY) sponsored a bill to do just that.

    Rep. Jones (R-NC) is one of the co-sponsors
    There is no “reforming” of the public school system, it is systemically corrupted to such an extent that a resolution to improve education outcomes was rejected at the most recent conference of the National Educators Association. The resolutions that were adopted read like a wish list of degeneracy.

    Slightly less than 2 months ago, the TN Star ran a 2-part series, authored by two public school teachers, regarding that very theme:
    As for organizing community home school cooperatives, be wary of the curriculum they pursue -- my experience with one of them is that they adopted a “home school” curriculum that was right out of Common Core. That gave the appearance, without the substance.
    Look at Tennessee’s initiatives to see to what extent they may apply: Per the Governor, he has directed the state to root out Common Core wherever they find it. He also pushed though legislation to provide public funds for private schools, charter schools, and home schools. It was fought tooth and nail by the teachers unions, as might be expected; since public schools also represent the largest employer in my county of 60,000 people or so, that legislation was also fought against by the two Republican state officials, State Representative (who is now Speaker-elect) and State Senator.
    Check out this resource, and how to get (meaningfully) involved:

  5. Gomer Wumphf says:

    The Department of Education is a bad bank. By providing student loans to anyone with a pulse DOED has enabled school bureaucracies everywhere to grow without concern for costs. Today graduates spend a decade and more paying down debt rather than accumulating wealth. The effect on compounding over their lives is massive.

  6. Krenden says:

    Or the direct solution that doesn’t require
    counting on methods that have already
    failed…just let it be known you give
    hiring preference to those
    applicants who were home-schooled.

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