NYC to begin burying coronavirus victims on Hart Island potter’s field

The city has little choice but to bury Gotham’s mounting coronavirus dead on Hart Island, a City Hall spokeswoman confirmed Thursday.

“For decades, Hart Island has been used to lay to rest decedents who have not been claimed by family members. We will continue using the island in that fashion during this crisis and it is likely that people who have passed away from COVID who fit this description will be buried on the Island in the coming days,” mayoral spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein told The Post.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said earlier this week the city was considering temporary burial of the pandemic’s dead on Hart Island, but shied away from making a firm commitment.

Troubling new images released Thursday show nearly a dozen contracted workers in protective suits burying stacks of wooden coffins in a mass grave, one week after The Post published drone footage that captured prisoners burying nearly two dozen.


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2 Responses to NYC to begin burying coronavirus victims on Hart Island potter’s field

  1. a follower says:

    Sounds like many homeless are dead. Many who are not claimed by their families. May we assume that many of these people were street people? Some of them were users, many possibly malnourished,etc.etc.etc.
    And then on top of all that we have to wonder, do people know? Do they know their family member is dead? Do they have the money to bury? The Government has already said they will bury people for ‘FREE’ if due to the Corona!
    And yet the soul reason and cause of death, no matter the circumstances or cause will be Corona, corona,corona.
    They are playing us, as long as you buy wholeheartedly what they are selling.

    • David says:

      I believe these are homeless people who cannot be identified. As such, I would say most did not die of COVID-19. What does this say about our society when so many are buried in this manner?

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