Obama, Lincoln and the U.S.: Will history repeat itself?

by Doug Hagmann

Since arriving on the national stage, many educated people have compared Barack Hussein Obama to Abraham Lincoln in glowing terms. Obama himself has an interesting, if not peculiar, love affair with the nation’s 16th president. From quoting Lincoln to emulating his historic activities, such as his 2007 speech on the steps of the Springfield Capitol and his 2009 train ride to history, Obama seems to have embraced and even assumed the persona of Lincoln.

Students of non-revisionist history understand that the Civil War under Lincoln did indeed fundamentally transform the United States in a manner few will discuss, for it is this transformation that Obama is also emulating and refining.

As detailed in his book The Real Lincoln, author Thomas J. DiLorenzo states the following:

“Before the war, government in America was the highly decentralized, limited government established by the founding fathers. The war created the highly centralized state that Americans labor under today.”

Look at where we are today through the lens of unrevised historical conditions, and you will begin to realize that we seem to be witnessing history – real history – about to be repeated. And that will not bode well for Americans, or as in the case and perhaps even the fate of Lincoln, Barack Hussein Obama.

Prepare. Pray.


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