‘Occupy’ Movement Threat Level Elevated to ‘High’ for November 5th Weekend

It was only a matter of time before violence erupted from the Occupy Movement. I am not prescient: I listened to the people organizing this attack on our nation. This November 5th weekend will have more acts of violence. How do I know? Because they are telling us.

David DeGerolamo

ListenLogic Threat Advisory Warns of Heightened Risk of Violence According to Social Media Data

Posts ‘by’ protestors who have been actively involved in marches stating that they will avoid weekend activity because of the potential for violence or harm.

Calls for violent action, flash mobs, and vandalism.

Currently, there are over one million posts per day online regarding the Occupy movement. ListenLogic analyzed this social media activity to identify events of growing popularity and concern set to take place during the November 5th weekend. These include:

Bank-Focused Flash Mobs: Occupy protesters are organizing flash mobs to convene at branch banks in the U.S. and Canada beginning the afternoon of November 4th. While officially deemed, “Dance on the Banks,” increases in bank-related arrests, as well as vandalism of bank signs, windows, and ATM’s suggest that mob activity may turn violent.

Nov. 5 Bank Transfer Day/Move Your Money Day: Designed to encourage people to switch their accounts from “big” banks to local credit unions. On Facebook alone, over 75,000 users have joined related Facebook groups. Marches to bank branches are being organized throughout the U.S.

Nov. 5 Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfires Day: Annual commemoration of anarchist Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up the English parliament. Guy Fawkes masks are used by Occupy protesters to symbolize anarchist intentions and, more recently, to maintain anonymity while being destructive. Occupy protesters with anarchist intentions are planning bonfires in city streets throughout the country.

Nov. 5 Operation Foxhunt: Hacktivist group, “Anonymous” and others have threatened to shut down Fox News in support of the Occupy movement.


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13 Responses to ‘Occupy’ Movement Threat Level Elevated to ‘High’ for November 5th Weekend

  1. Markoff Chaney says:

    You are completely delusional. Occupy is a non-violent movement. We do not advocate, endorse, approve, or affiliate ourselves with violent acts, in any sense, and anyone who acts like that instantly loses the right to call themselves part of the movement. Keep trying to spin this as protester violence when cops attack protesters with impunity and people have been run over only to have the driver of the car let go. It’s astounding how you can ignore the violence you are participating in by cheering on the militarized police response. Stockholm syndrome FTW!

    • admin says:

      https://ncrenegade.com//editorial/what-if-occupy-wall-street-ate-the-rich/ outlines the real goals and purpose of the Occupation in their own words including violence. I have eight articles of cities where violence has broken out on the top of NC Renegade. The facts speak for themselves: arson, rape, trials in absentia, property damage and resisting arrest.

      The police “attack” protesters after rocks and bottles are thrown at them. A crowd of people surround and attack a man because he is perceived to be part of the 1%. What did you want him to do? Peacefully surrender to your non-violent movement?


      Please review the basis of the historical term “useful idiot”.

    • Markoff Chaney says:

      Please post actual evidence, and not your cherry-picked agent provocateurs. People whose faces can’t be seen are not credible Occupiers, period. They are either Black Bloc factioneers (not mainstream Occupiers) or undercover police agents looking to stir up provocation for a police response. You are not using the actual words of actual Occupiers, any real Occupier will immediately reject these tactics and violent acts.

      You are a tool and more of a useful idiot than you will ever know.

      • Hans says:

        Mr Chaney --

        Participants at Tea Party events identified, isolated, and culled individuals who were not affiliated or were off-message.

        The OWS acceptance and tolerance of the individuals you label as “not credible Occupiers” confirms that these are indeed mainstream participants at the OWS events.

        Click on the poster “Leftist Infighting is Getting Us Nowhere” towards the end of this post:

        Nice try, but your logic fails … “no cigar” …

        • Markoff Chaney says:

          All you got is FUD. If there were real credible evidence of widespread advocacy for violent tactics, you’d have a point. A few wingnut blogs and selectively edited video shots of people in black scarves do not constitute definitive proof of anything but your deranged fantasies. There are, however, definitive instances of cops getting violent with nonviolent protesters. Thanks for playing.

          • Markoff Chaney says:

            PS, smashing an ATM with a sledgehammer is destructive to property, but it’s not violent to people… so if all you have is destruction of windows and storefronts by some unknowns in masks… that’s hardly the same thing as armed insurrection or actual violence against actual people, no matter how much you’d wish it to be so. I don’t agree with the Black Bloc-ers or agents provocateurs on that tactic, but they didn’t exactly ask me before doing it either.

            Now, if the Tea Party were burning up history textbooks as a blow against guvmint brainwashing, you’d probably call that ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘what makes our country great’.

            This is all just a transparent attempt to destroy the OWS message by slandering the messengers (who may well be agent provocateurs anyway). Too bad we’re not all the same, and you can’t paint us all with the same brush. Our message won’t go away just cause you try to make us look like something we’re not. Enjoy being a tool of the plutocracy, dolt.

  2. David Colin says:

    Don’t you think this article is just a little distorted… well, maybe a lot distorted? I question the use of the phrase “I listened to the people organizing this attack on our nation”. Maybe is should have said something more like OUR Nation is organizing peaceful outrage at the take over by fanatical groups which has met with fringe violence from those fanatical groups trying to disrupt and discredit the Occupy movement. Where in the world did you get the term Flash Mobs? Yes, the Tea Party is trying to attack the peaceful Occupy Movement, but the violent portion of all of this is the big corporations buying Tea Party government to try to destroy a very simple encouragement for people to simply move their money to a better provider that has more of their best interest at heart. Your distortions are obvious.

  3. admin says:

    https://ncrenegade.com//editorial/what-if-occupy-wall-street-ate-the-rich/ https://ncrenegade.com//editorial/top-down-bottom-up-inside-out/

    Don’t shoot the messenger for posting an article outlining a theory. This site is open to commentary for both sides of this divisive issue.

    Flash mobs are not violent and the only flash mobs that I personally have participated in, were last year singing Christmas carols at the local shopping centers.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but big corporations never supported the TEA Party. We raised our money from passing the hat at events and selling T-shirts.

    There was no violence at any TEA Party rallies despite the best efforts of our government to instigate an incident (Nancy Pelosi).

    My “distortions” are reporting news and opinions to open discussions. Your distortions and ignorance are obvious.

  4. Hans says:

    The distortion is your attempt to call THIS “non-violent”:


    If you wish to accurately contrast OWS with the Tea Party, study the graphic in this article:


    • Hagbard says:

      I’m all for having people who smash property go to jail for that, Occupiers or no, but to liken a smashed window to actual violence such as rubber bullets in the head, tear gas, and flash bang grenades (the documented violence against people that has come from the police in many cities) is sheer propaganda. These aren’t terrorists or violent mobs you are dealing with. These are your countrymen.

      Vandalism ≠ violence, and neither are part of the main Occupy goals. There are hundreds of Occupations world wide, and out of all of that, the worst thing protesters have done is smashed windows or material damage. Pepper spray in the face, running over protesters, fractured skulls -- these have all happened to protesters directly by cops, who were attacking them without provocation. Methinks you doth protest too much. Why are you so fired up about broken glass while you ignore uncalled for violence to actual humans, or for that matter, the wreckage of the economy and the environment by the big banks, BP, Exxon, and the Kochs?

      This is all more spin intended to not address the very real concerns of OWSers. Don’t say we didn’t try to tell you.

      • admin says:

        Get educated:

        Stop mixing violence at occupation sites with the move for one world order financed and organized by the same people funding Occupy Wall Street.

      • Hans says:

        Hagbard, Chaney, et al …

        That group of “old white guys” who established these united States understood a fact that you deny with your arguments:

        Life, Liberty, and Property are so fundamentally interconnected that an assault on one is an assault on all.

        To sustain one’s Life, one must have Liberty to acquire and dispose of Property.

        If you disagree, ask yourself the following question: “Why are the socialist and communist “Occupiers” so interested in redistribution of Property ?”

        You lose … game over.

  5. LT says:

    Come now, comrade Markoff -- you can’t honestly convince me that you believe there is no *force* being used by OWS protesters? That a *blatant and active disrespect* is being perpetrated against property and business owners?
    How would you feel if the tables were turned? Or let me put it another way -- let 50 people come to your home, sleep on your front porch & yard, smash your windows, perform bodily functions on your living room carpet, molest the females in your household, and cause you to loose income by obstructing your ability to go to and from your place of business/employment. I contest that, were THIS the situation, you would be screaming bloody murder to the police and anyone else who would listen about the “violence” you were being subject to…
    Well, news flash -- this is exactly what so many concerned and impacted citizens across the nation ARE complaining about regarding the OWS activities. There is no difference between the two scenarios, save for actor/actee alignment. You and your proletariat buddies are power hungry, but consequence averse. Being a dad, I recognize this condition and state of development immediately --
    OWS is nothing but a mass temper tantrum by a bunch of orally fixated, overgrown toddlers whose ba-bas have been spiked with a bit too much reality lately. I say it’s time you all got put down for a nap, followed by some serious remedial education on dignity and personal accountability. My 6 y.o. son handles frustration and disappointment better than your friends at OWS. He also knows the value of a dollar, which your bunch obviously does not.
    In short, shame on your parents, and now that you have come of age [in the legal sense, at least] that shame is upon you, you, and you again. As Jesus taught, “remove the splinter from your own eye first, that you can see clearly, before removing the splinter from your neighbor’s eye…”

    OWS Protesters: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM -- your attitude of “give it to me now and we’ll think about paying for it later” is exactly how we got here. You are individuals when it is fun, but want to be a collective when the bills for your excesses and poor judgment arrive. Shame on you all… and shame on the rest of America for letting you get away with it. I assure you, we won’t let it happen again.

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