Pay Attention and Use Reason

The latest #QAnon posts from March 3, 2018 once again asks questions, gives the same advice and gives hope for justice in the country. I have been watching the news and I see more corruption exposed with little media coverage and no arrests. I see the division increasing along with the exploitation of our children to enact gun control. I see Jeff Sessions doing nothing as even more corruption is exposed at the FBI.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait for the IG report (which may be delayed) that will do what? Confirm that corruption in the government is rampant but nothing will be done? Wait for any number of triggers for a global war to erupt? An economic collapse? A government coup? Or read the same tired refrain from an anonymous source? I encourage people to hope. I also encourage people who are following QAnon to read his earlier messages and see how many have come to fruition. I want to believe. At this point, I believe in the Lord and what I can do with His guidance.

David DeGerolamo

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