Pentagon: We Are “Fully Prepared” For A Russian Nuclear Attack

I figured that I would only get to ask one question while filming Dr. Forstchen in April 2016:

Who do you believe?

David DeGerolamo


Pentagon: We Are “Fully Prepared” For A Russian Nuclear Attack

The United States accused Russia of being an “irresponsible player” for boasting about an array of new, mostly hypersonic weapons, that President Putin said would make its nuclear arsenal invulnerable to interception by the US.

As reported earlier, in his speech which took the west by surprise with the scale of Russian military accomplishments, Putin unveiled the latest additions to the country’s nuclear arsenal, including underwater drones capable of launching nuclear strikes and hypersonic missiles. The Russian president made the announcement at his annual state of the nation address in Moscow, Putin’s last speech before Russia’s presidential election on March 18.


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3 Responses to Pentagon: We Are “Fully Prepared” For A Russian Nuclear Attack

  1. Comrade Obama says:

    It means they also have a supply of white flags and are prepared for any contingency.

  2. Bill says:

    all this technology was given to them by the evil past President the sodomite Obama, as well as the Clintons and deep state embedded scumbags in our military and government., they have sold out there nation for cheap profit. these are the most despicable people on the face of the earth and they have clasped hands with Marxist communist butchers.

  3. xtron says:

    nuclear powered missels and torpedoes, mach 10 planes and hypersonic delivery systems….form a country that can’t afford to keep their ships at sea or their tanks upgraded to the latest technology.
    I smell election season bull $#!t.

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