PSA – Nuclear Football

If anyone has pictures of the nuclear football actually with Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, please put the link in the comments section below.

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

What me worry ?

Nuke authorization codes given to a senile CCP protege ????

1 month ago

Couldn’t find any. But also hard to find any with Trump around it as well. I think I may have seen two.

1 month ago

That would be one of the most terrifying pictures of all time. Of course the actuality is too terrible to contemplate.

30 days ago

The Briefcase with the Launch Authorization Codes are carried by a Military Officer, not always in Uniform, and there is no requirement for this Individual to be ‘beside’ the President at all Times, just having Ready Access to him.

Also, the ‘president’ effectively Cannot order the Launch of Strategic Weapons on a whim; any such Order would be immediately questioned by Pentagon Officers, who would Know that there was Not an Imminent Attack happening against the Country. There have been a number of cases, in both the U.S. and ‘soviet’ militaries where Errors of Communication, or other Factors like Radar Malfunctions, and the Officers ‘at the Keys’ Did Not Launch, as they knew the ‘situation’ was or seemed Improbable or Invalid.

The Functional Aspect of the ‘football’ is so that IF the Military sees an Imminent Threat, or Confirmed Attack, this is communicated to the President, who then Orders Actions, by giving the Authorization Codes- Codes that mostly exist to Prove that the ‘president’ is actually the one giving the Orders.

I Knew, from My Father having been in the Strategic Office of the Pentagon, under General LeMay, that back then, the Commander of the “Looking Glass” Airborne Command Post was Authorized to Order an Attack Himself, based upon having Direct, Visual Confirmation of a Nuclear Attack, and being Unable to Communicate with the National Command Center and President.

The Russian Military has a similar, although more sophisticated (and Safer) System of Alternate Release of Weapons; look up “Perimitr”, sometimes (inaccurately) called “Dead Hand” in the West.