What Happens when Nothing Happens?

Everyone Pictured Here Should Be Hanged!

Former FBI Attorney Under Criminal Investigation For Fabricating Evidence In Russiagate Probe

According to the report, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s review of the FBI’s warrant applications under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) revealed an altered document which – we assume – was used to bolster the application to obtain the warrant and/or subsequent renewals.

Evidence of the fabricated document was turned over to John Durham, the federal prosecutor tasked earlier this year by Attorney General William Barr with launching a broad investigation into the FBI’s activities surrounding the 2016 US election.

The Washington Post claims that “Horowitz found that the employee erroneously indicated he had documentation to back up a claim he had made in discussions with the Justice Department about the factual basis for the application. He then altered an email to back up that erroneous claim, they said.”

The attorney forced out of the agency after the incident was discovered.

The Post says the conduct “did not alter Horowitz’s finding that the surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had a proper legal and factual basis.”


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7 Responses to Question?

  1. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    “What Happens when Nothing Happens?”

    We will receive further confirmation that this whole show has been a stall for time by which the miscreants stay in power and misdirect the attention of We the People”. Maybe a few more of us will wake up to the lies being glossed over by the appearance of due process.TET.

  2. Hadenoughalready says:

    I’m braiding. I’m braiding as fast as I can… But do we have enough lamp posts…?

    • Timothy E. Tucker says:

      I say we put some carpenters to work building a proper ten hole gallows in the middle of the Capitol Mall…. makes for a better photo op!

  3. Rabbi Will says:

    No! No! No! You guys have it all wrong. Implement! Stack them up one after the other on a stake 50 feet high!

    • Timothy E. Tucker says:

      Skewered with a bonfire? Getting pretty gruesome, Rabbi. Personally, I don’t want any martyrs made, just justice served to deserving criminals. The image is entertaining, though. 🙂

  4. Rabbi Will says:

    It was done to Hamans sons in the book of Esther. So I admit I borrowed the idea lol! Shabbat shalom all .

  5. Including Holder, Clinton and Obama..

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