Question I Have Been Asked and Asked Myself: Should we FIGHT?

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5 Responses to Question I Have Been Asked and Asked Myself: Should we FIGHT?

  1. a follower says:

    Looks like another guy i seem to agree with.
    Latest from Rex.

  2. J.T.Patton says:

    George Washington would have hung multiple enemies of the state thus far. It is past the time to cut the head off of the snake that is Communism.

    • GenEarly says:

      Whom do you suggest gets cut and Who does the cutting? That’s assuming they can get to the Elitists that need to be cut and whomever they is, is interested in doing some cutting.
      And the Foreign Devil’s don’t pounce while we kill each other with great relish.
      War is a tricky business.

  3. 173dVietVet says:

    Rex -- -- Haven’t seen your videos for a while and noticed in this one that you now have a full beard and seem to have aged. I hope you have not been heavily stressed.

    Keep up the common sense commentary.

    I will try, in the future, to focus more intently on following your well stated comments.

    Be well and may God continue to shine on you and yours

  4. Gryphon says:

    “Don’t Interfere when your Enemy is making a Mistake” …
    paraphrasing some Military Officer.

    Re-Read your copy of Sun-Tzu (not the hot-sauce chicken guy) and keep your eyes open, locally. Watch the Enemy self-destruct their own ‘nests’ and be ready to respond to their advances into the Countryside.

    Math is against any effective Attacks into low-population-density, exurban areas; too much space, too many Guns, too few ‘Looters’. Convoys of Buses are easily Interdicted. Attack the Buses while they are Unloading, causing maximum Casualties. Render them Undrivable, ‘Antifa’ is then trapped in a hostile area with no means of Exfil.

    The Key to effective Resistance is to have good Intelligence on your local ‘government leaders’.
    In ALL case of these ‘protests’ happening in Cities, the communists are acting with the PERMISSION AND ACTIVE SUPPORT of the (s)elected officials and po-Lice. If you see that in your AO that the ‘government’ will Not take action, or supports the communists and Persecutes those who Defend themselves, you have ready-made Targets that are LOCAL.

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