Reality Check on Our Two-Tiered Justice System

So much for the rule of law as it applies to the Deep State. Will we stand for this?

David DeGerolamo

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One Response to Reality Check on Our Two-Tiered Justice System

  1. Bill says:

    i knew this was going to happen , Horowitz is a piece of human crap who was hired by Obama to protect the FBI and DOJ as he just did , he covered up both lawless departments for there high crimes and Horowitz should be brought up on charges for abetting lalwessness . Trump must do his job and fire every stinking one of these Marxist obama loving scumbags and now ,including Sessions who is up to his rotten neck in swamp mud. these people believe they are the government and running our entire nation. all these scumbags must be hanged. First Hillary, Bill, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Holder, McCabe, Rosentsein, Etc. every stinking on of them hanging from a rope or shot in front of a firing squad for treason as our laws call for.

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