Report: Store Inventory Levels Reduced Nationwide: “Stock Up Now While You Can!”


Sometimes good comments are worth an entire article.  This author is a big believer in the fostering of good, intelligent dialogues with commenters on these various alternative media sites.  We all have the ability (with comments) to function in the manner of unofficial reporters.  The nation is huge; however, the distance is nominal and the situations that arise in the nation as a whole can be chronicled and reported by we, the average citizens.  The comments and interactions are a means to that end.

In this light, I wish to ask you, the Readership to report on this important topic in order to present others with the situations taking place in their locales.  The topic referred to being declining inventories and a lack of purchases to meet with customer (I despise the word “consumers”) needs in terms of foodstuffs and nondurable goods.

I came across two excellent comments upon Steve Quayle’s website that bear reading, as these are two people with experience in retail marketing, inventory, ordering, and purchases.  Take a look at these:


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1 Response to Report: Store Inventory Levels Reduced Nationwide: “Stock Up Now While You Can!”

  1. Phil says:

    its beginning, the false food shortages brought on by the elites to enslave the people. the negro sodomite in the white house who is dying of aids will be the enforcer for these demons from hades

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