Let me just start off by saying I read everything that NC Scout publishes at American Partisan. Thank you for publishing this article. You may read it here…

I was rather shocked at the article posted this morning. I don’t know if NC Scout agrees with the sentiments in the article but I was glad to see that he didn’t actually write it.

In response to you Derek Collins, Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt.

I’m glad that this will not hurt your feelings, as it will not hurt mine that you disagree with me. You know that old saying about opinions.

Everything you outlined in your article has been tried numerous times, but I have first hand experience with it. For those of you that read my articles at NCRenegade you are already familiar with this story. Allow me to fill in Mr. Collins.

My journey in your plan began sometime right before Obama was re-elected. The local Tea Party held meetings the third Tuesday of every month at a local restaurant. I decided it was time to get involved. I attended my first Tea Party meeting and almost immediately I was shaking my head in disbelief. The first topic they were discussing was whether or not they should change their name from the Tea Party. Most people were stating that such a stigma was now attached to the Tea Party name that it should be changed so that they might be able to accomplish more. Now this was my first time at the Tea Party meeting, no one knew me, but I raised my hand to be recognized. I took hold of that microphone and introduced myself, then proceeded to lay some truth on them. I basically told them that no matter what they did, they would be hated. That there was no getting along with the other side no matter our name. It’s what we stand for that they hate. Quit trying to hide and stand up for what you believe in and what is right. That’s the basic gist of what I said. After the meeting that night the two leaders of the Tea Party stopped to talk to me and expressed how glad they were that I came and that they hoped I would continue to come. So my journey in your plan began.

Now I’ll try and keep this short and hope that you will read some links I provide on your own that also tells this story. The next step in your plan I also achieved. I was nominated and voted onto the Rowan Republican Executive Committee. With my addition the Tea Party now controlled the Executive Committee by a 2 vote margin. The Rino’s were pissed. But we had outsmarted them. We did everything we were supposed to do and better than the Rino’s ever had. We got many Tea Party people elected to County Commissioner boards etc. We even had major influence over writing the North Carolina Republican Party Platform. We raised more money in the years we had control than the Rino’s had ever been able to.

Then the unthinkable happened. I had written a Censure for Rep. Richard Hudson. While the Tea Party outnumber the Rino’s the Chairman was still a Rino. I introduced the censure and all hell broke loose. I’ll provide the links here for you to read about it.
There are more articles if you just google my name and censure Richard Hudson.

A few months later at the Convention all but one of us Tea Party members on the Executive committee were voted out. It was over. The Rino’s went and got the country club Republicans and their money and were able to muscle us out of the executive committee. All because we tried holding a Representative accountable.

So you see, while you have noble intentions, there is no voting our way out of this. Take a look at the freedom index on the New American. How many elected representatives have a score over 90%?

I appreciate your thoughts. I understand where you are coming from. I am glad this will not hurt your feelings. I also will go to bed knowing that I’ve been there and done that, and that voting is useless. Good luck if you continue to choose the viscous path many have already been down. Those that have already been down that path are preparing for TINVOWOOT.

Wes Rhinier

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  1. glasscracker says:

    It is time to open up that last box, and use the contents for their intended purpose, as the other boxes have not worked. Term limits need enforced. Evil needs eradicated.
    Patrick Henry said it best….

  2. George Lansing says:

    Agreed, Wes. My Journey with the RHINOs started in the 90’s when they held all branches off government. Same result. Be prepared morally, politically, and physically to replace the fallen system when it happens. John Mark with Mark My Words is a good starting point.

  3. Josh says:

    Amen Wes. The system is so corrupt and broken beyond repair. These crooks will never fix themselves and relinquish their power.

  4. james says:

    You are right. I had a somewhat similar experience, I was naive and then I was disillusioned forever.

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  6. tz says:

    You see the same thing with Cuckservative Inc.’s RINO 2.0 project -- TPUSA and Ben Shapiro.
    A group called Groypers are asking the wrong questions, but they are having an effect.

    The other thing is 2012 to 2016 -- Ron Paul to Don Trump.

    You gave up and went home when defeated? Time -- and yes, 2020 and its election -- to punch back even harder even if it takes down some RINOs.

    Did you put up a Tea Partier -- one of your own -- in the primary? Run a Libertarian or even a Democrat?

    Technically, TNVYWOOT is correct because it is self-fulfilling. You only want to show up in November after the key battles have been lost. You want to play not only be the Roberts Rules of Order, but be nice and not, say, have a gathering chant RINO RINO RINO at one of his gatherings. No that would be gauche. The prim and proper way to do it is a motion to censure.

    You play their game by their rules they will cheat at and you will lose.

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