Rickards and Schiff warn about the coming monetary collapse

While the pandemic continues to grow exponentially only in countries that can afford a high priced vaccine, what should we be watching that the government is hiding?

The dollar is collapsing, the economy is collapsing and the stock market is artificially propped up by the Fed. What should you be watching? The government sponsored Antifa civil unrest, the impending lockdowns, the world economic reset and destruction of physical currency within the next 8 months cover most of my concerns. Then again, are you wondering why ammunition has doubled in price over the past two months?

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Rickards and Schiff warn about the coming monetary collapse

  1. Andy says:

    You know, we have a significant force in this country, that is mostly conservative, that could wipe out the control the feds have over money and people. They are called Truck Drivers. If they were to become disgruntled enough, and I think we’re getting close, they could literally force the imperial federal government to reign itself in, not to mention liberal politicians in democrat-controlled cities. Stop moving food and fuel, and list the requirements to resume, including an absolute moratorium on new debt, an enforceable plan to REDUCE the debt, and a commitment from democrat and republican leaders to once again represent the people, rather than their lobbyists. Only AFTER the government actually begins doing these things, do they START to roll again.

    It could work.

    • GenEarly says:

      I concur with the Exception of the Debt. It is Not Our Debt. The Feral Reserve Banksters stole the US Dollar and Created a Worthless Fiat Paper , now Digital, Ponzi Scheme.
      This Debt can never be paid off, or reduced under the current banking and Socialist Financial Cabal.
      There will be a Reset to a gold, silver, and possibly Oil backed system of Tangible Assets backing a new currency. The Ratio will be Dramatically deflationary, 10 to 1 , old Fiat for new Money and that will probably Not be enough!!!

  2. Gryphon says:

    The Constitution spells out that ONLY Gold and Silver can be ‘Money’, and that the Congress has the Authority (and Responsibility) to “regulate the Value thereof”. They Did So (not sure of the Year, 1780’s I think) by Designating that an Once of Gold was ‘worth’ Twenty Dollars. This Act of Congress has never been Changed or Repealed; what happened was in 1913, the Congress was Bribed, and the President Blackmailed, into signing a non-Constitutional ‘law’ that allowed a private CABAL of mostly European, judeo-bolshevik banksters, to PRINT ‘federal reserve notes’ that falsely were labelled “Dollars”.

    Once the bolsheviks obtained Control of the ‘money supply’, they could “Buy” Anyone and Anything, and so Here We Are, with a totally Corrupted ‘government’, Owned and Controlled by a Foreign, Alien, Dual-Citizen Satanic Entity that HATES White Men and openly calls for their “Elimination”.

    Until the Fraudulent “Debt” is Repudiated, and the Parasite Class is Driven from the Nation, things will continue to Degrade into bolshevik ‘communism.

    There is No Way of Voting ourselves Out of the Problem now, only Severe Violence will have the necessary results. You don’t have enough Ammo.

    • GenEarly says:

      So true, never enough ammo, especially when it’s not being manufactured for Citizens.
      Once this gets going What you have is all you’ll get.

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