Sanctuary Cities will Not Hold up In Court?

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6 Responses to Sanctuary Cities will Not Hold up In Court?

  1. penses says:

    Its the 13th. Good vid. Yes, every “gun control” law on the books is in violation of the constitution. And the Constitution allows the Congress to control the courts and what they can and cannot pass judgement on. Gun control, same sex marriage, etc, are just two examples out of thousands of the break down in law and order presented to you by our cabal paid Congress.

    The biggest threat to freedom is the mountain of edicts via fiat by unelected judges and bureaucrats and the failure of an elected branch of government to Constitutionally reign them in. So I’ll ask you this: why do we have elections…

  2. Charles in VA says:

    It IS the 13th and those bills have been passed out of committee to the full Senate for the next sham vote. They are NOT backing down, nor was it ever their intention to back down.

    It’s about to get “interesting” here in Virginia and nerves are getting pretty frayed. No one I know is going to register their firearms…nor should they. There’s going to be an awful lot of “felons” running loose when this goes into effect (July 1, 2020).

    I’m hoping for a tidal wave of injunctions to be filed before then, ensuring a fast track to the Supreme Court. Our friends in the Institute for Legislative Action are going to be racking up a LOT of billable hours this year!

    Godspeed, gentlemen!

  3. Remsdad says:

    Confirm your zeros. Load mags. Ready the kit.

  4. IF Our Constitution is the highest law of the land, and IF Our Rights are unalienable, THEN the infringement violators are the true “felons”.

    2 + 2 = 4 always

    Our supreme Court is not needed and if FACT “gun control” is none of their business.

    States must submit to Our Constitution as that is their Compact/contract.

    Everything boils down to “CONSENT”. It always has and always will.

    “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” — Our Declaration of Independence

    A great analogy on the consent of the governed:

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