Saudi Arabia announced that it would attack Israeli aircraft on their way to Iran

This would mean that Israel would have to fly over Jordan or Syrian and then Iraqi airspace to reach Iran. This pathway is more direct to Iran’s capital but not their southern nuclear installations.

David DeGerolamo


August 9, 2012: Saudi Arabia announced that it would attack any Israeli aircraft that flew over Saudi Arabia on their way to bomb Iranian nuclear weapons facilities. This does not guarantee that the Saudis will actually oppose an Israeli attack on Iran, as the Saudis and Israelis have been holding secret talks for years. But it’s not politically correct in the Moslem world to admit that sort of thing.

Despite the Saudis insisting they don’t want war with Iran, the Gulf Arab states continue increasing their stocks of modern weapons. In the last two months alone, the Gulf Arabs have ordered over $11 billion worth of weapons and military equipment. While the Iranians are historically better fighters, the Gulf Arabs are encouraged by the fact that Iraq fought Iran to a draw in the 1980s mainly because of over $50 billion worth of modern weapons bought with loans or gifts from the Gulf Arab states. The Iranian government budget for a year is about $40 billion.


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