Scenes from Louisville KY

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2 Responses to Scenes from Louisville KY

  1. Another biased Liberal media member.

  2. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Looking at the history of civil wars, they are all settled by blood! Some times the left wins and then there is a real blood bath, killing tens of millions. Some times the right wins and there is often no recriminations, being content to stop the threats on their freedom!

    The right and more importantly the patriots have the advantage in weapons and numbers. Yes the left has been arming for months, patriots have been arming for deckades, for themselves and neighbors! Unlike the first gulf war which was half finished, we need to finish this nonsense, and restore the republic, requiring a new pledge of aliegence from the vanquished, or deport them! Let them go find a place with no freedom and their social justice? We must clean out the colleges and more importantly the swamp in washington! There are only a hand full of of patriots in all of the congress and senate, deport the traitors or try them for treason to the republic!I

    It might be best to kick out the western states and some of the east coast as well, this may prevent some bloodshed, but we will have to just fight them later. I say this with a heavy heart as my idiot children all live there!

    Maybe the boomers should start this, as we have little time left any way and we are the cause of much of this.

    Finally, stand your ground, and don’t back down, defend your freedom and the republic, we are the last chance for freedom in the world!!

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