Sevierville, TN Event- America’s Last Stand


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  1. Publius Huldah says:

    Forgive my cynicism, but Sarah Palin, Allen West, and Rick Santorum do not understand our Constitution -- or they don’t give a hoot what it says. [I don’t know about the others mentioned.]

    So WHY do we place all our hopes on Sarah Palin, Allen West, and Rick Santorum? They are ignorant people who never troubled themselves to learn our Constitution so that they could actually honor their Oaths of Office to support it.

    The reason we can’t spot these phonies is because WE don’t know what our Constitution says about anything. That failing is so easily remedied….. just read our Declaration of Independence and Constitution over & over until the LIGHT comes on in your head.

      • Publius Huldah says:

        Our Framers hoped we would govern ourselves by obeying the Laws of God. THAT is the true meaning of “self-government” -- the individual person governs himself in accordance with God’s standards. That isn’t anarchy -- that is true “self-government”.

        • David says:

          It appears that anarchy has several definitions:
          1.a state of society without government or law.
          2.political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy. Synonyms: lawlessness, disruption, turmoil.
          3.anarchism ( def 1 ) .
          4.lack of obedience to an authority; insubordination: the anarchy of his rebellious teenage years.
          5.confusion and disorder: Intellectual and moral anarchy followed his loss of faith. It was impossible to find the book I was looking for in the anarchy of his bookshelves. Synonyms: chaos, disruption, turbulence; license; disorganization, disintegration.

          What should we call a geopolitical region that has no government but abides by the Word of God? As I stated in my post above in the comments, I know that man is not capable of freedom without the rule of law. However, we no longer have the rule of law in our country: we have the rule of man implemented by the government through intimidation and force.

          • Publius Huldah says:

            I know of no word for such a civil society -- we started to build such a society, but abandoned it when we abandoned the Faith of our Fathers. This was during the very early 1800s with the Unitarians. They rejected the Biblical teaching that man is fallen and said that man is basically good. Evil, they said, comes from the environment. So THEY WERE GOING TO FIX THE ENVIRONMENT! That is how we got the regulatory welfare state of today.

            Our Founders saw man as Fallen. They said the purpose of civil government is to secure the rights GOD gave us. (Declaration of Independence, 2nd para). Civil governments secure those rights by protecting us from those who seek to take our rights away from us. Our federal Constitution was designed to do nothing more than secure certain & specific God-given rights. The States were to secure other God-given rights.

            This chart depicts this concept:

            So the federal government is to secure our God-given right to life by military defense, controlling the borders, etc.; and the State governments are to secure our right to life by punishing murderers, rapists, etc. The federal government is to secure our property rights by uniform weights & measures, a money system based on gold & silver, and patents & copyrights; and state government are to protect our property rights by punishing thieves, defrauders, etc.

            Writing about this brings tears to the eyes -- look at what we gave up! And we didn’t even know when this was being taken away from us. And now, it is gone. And some ignorant fools are clamoring for a French-style revolution as the remedy.

  2. Kelleigh says:

    You are exactly right PH, I actually wrote a 3 part article on Rick Santorum and was astonished at his horrible voting record, which I linked to in part 2.,
    As well, he was close to Sandusky and actually gave him the Congressional Angel Award…ahem

    As for Palin, well, there’s enough documented evidence proving she’s no conservative and never was. I have a pdf file on her with tons of links.

    And Allen West? Sad isn’t he, so strong against Islamic takeover, but so weak on everything else.

    Allen West voted to keep the Pigford payouts against his constituents’ wishes.

    Allen West voted for Cut Cap and Balance to raise the debt limit against his constituents’ wishes.

    When he was interviewed after the vote on Laura Ingraham’s show and she asked him how he felt about his Tea Party people being angry at him for the vote, he called them “Schizos.”

    Allen West voted against cutting 100 billion from Obamacare, against his constituents’ wishes.

    Allen West voted for the horrid NDAA and insisted there is nothing in the bill that would allow military arrest and indefinite detention of American citizens. He lies…I’ve read the bill and hundreds of others have too. This was AGAINST THE WISHES OF HIS CONSTITUENTS.

    Allen West sat on the NDAA committee.
    Allen West has spoken frequently in defense of the NDAA, and has vowed to ‘put to rest’ the rumors about the violations of rights it poses. The Tenth Amendment Center has analyzed West’s position on the NDAA, calling his YES vote an act of “treachery.”

    Secada and Montgomery are singers. Judge Jeanine says some great things, but really, how does it help save the Republic?

  3. Morry says:

    Rick Santorum is (a) a mental featherweight, (b) the owner of a complete hodge-podge of random, non-cohesive, uncoordinated political viewpoints which are “conservative” or “pro-freedom” in some cases, but usually in the less important areas, while he has authoritarian views, even totalitarian ones, in many areas too — including things like some crucial areas of freedom of speech. He seems incapable of understanding what a principle really is, except by rote repetition, which is precisely the wrong wrong way of thinking when applying principles. Santorum has a number of “authorities” he appeals to as justification for his motley mess of viewpoints: God, American values, patriotism, the Constitution (usually wrongly), tradition, the law, etc. Noticeably absent is LOGIC. Basically, his REAL primary “justification” for his beliefs is his own random gut feel on any particular issue. All you have to do is listen to him “explain” himself a few times, and it becomes clear that his “method of reasoning” is to go by what he feels, and then to look for a way to rationalize his feeling. He does NOT THINK things through and COME to a conclusion — he STARTS with his conclusion and THEN WORKS BACKWARD to justify or rationalize it. He will “justify” one position on patriotism, though it violates the Constitution, and another on the Constitution (rightly or wrongly) though it violates our rights under the constitution. He’ll justify another position on religion though it violates the Constitution, or vice-versa. He just pulls out his list of authorities, and finds the one or two which seem to justify whichever of his views is under discussion at the moment. He’s a quite stupid fellow so we can’t blame him for being loaded down with errors in almost every one of his major positions. We can blame him, however, for assuming he’s qualified to tell the rest of us what’s right, or for thinking that the random grab-bag of positions he’s accumulated from various sources make him somehow a uniquely creative and different thinker — or for that matter, for thinking he’s a “thinker” at all. The one thing that differentiated him from the other candidates in the Republican Primary debates was that he seemed to be the most clearly deserving of the adjective “moronic.”

  4. I absolutely love the discussions you post, PH. I thought I was just nuts to believe these people were full of hot air. Thank you so much for letting me include myself with such brilliant people.

    • Publius Huldah says:

      Thank you, Phil! Re your thinking all along that West, Santorum, Palin, etc., were full of hot air: Listen to your instincts! They are a warning system that something may be wrong.

  5. Morry says:

    Thanks for the “Amen,” Publius.

    I was just referred to this site (again, I guess, since my comment’s on it) via a FB comment of yours, and amongst all the above I also read my own comment, which I’d forgotten I’d made. I probably shouldn’t admit it, but after reading it up to the last line, the last line itself then caused me to burst out laughing. It seemed such a polite and almost cordial, and genteel way to lead into, effectively, saying to Santorum “you blithering idiot!!.”

    MAYBE my (actual!!) “out loud” laughter is due to a current recurrence of my frequent over-tiredness lately, but I just couldn’t help it. I kinda hope, in one way, that he never reads it, cuz I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings if it’s not necessary, and I think Santorum is not intentionally evil, but just dumb. Still, I cannot and would not back down from my stated opinion of him now that I’ve expressed it, nor alter it to protect his ego, if that were ever asked of me. It was NOT absolutely necessary that I volunteer the WHOLE truth about my opinion of Santorum, but I did, so if called upon to retract it, I would be unable to, for the obvious reason that the truth should not be compromised — that always has bad consequences.

    Perhaps more importantly though: why should I deprive others of a possible good laugh, too?

    • Publius Huldah says:

      It made me laugh, Morry. But re Santorum, et al: It is a moral issue. It is morally wrong to pontificate on matters one does not understand. [This is why I keep silent on the safety of nuclear power plants. I had high school physics over 50 years ago.] So Santorum, Palen, and West act immorally when they pontificate on government, civics, the Constitution. They don’t know what they are talking about. They are just repeating what they have heard as the standard “conservative” position.

  6. Mike says:

    I lean toward the Libertarian Republican. The thing that gets me up and moving every day is the way Liberals and Democrats attack Conservatives. Being a man who has no problem lending a hand I found that on those dark nights driving on the freeways and finding a lady broken down, lost on what to do and having a Democrat bumper sticker I understands fully that she is believing the Government will solve all her problems so I just drive on know the Government will be there soon to help her. Proud Retired Member of 18th and 355 Fighter Sq Eielson AFB Alaska Go Gov

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