Sharia Law Supercedes Physical Assault Laws

Although the following account happened in Canada, we have cases in Michigan where Muslims publicly assert their rights and laws over our laws. If the government and police will not enforce our laws, what is our recourse in a true Republic?

Eric Holder has defiantly championed his version of the Department of Justice over the rights of the voters in Philadelphia and the federal immigration laws in Arizona. President Obama has stopped all deportations of illegal aliens in a blatant usurpation of power. The Supreme Court has become a bit player in what now passes for our representative Republic. As the shadow of serfdom looms over our heads, only we can stand up for freedom.


Yonge-Dundas smackdown

What constitutes a physical assault in Toronto these days?

This would appear to be straightforward. If, for example, one individual punches another, surely that’s assault. Especially if the punch in question was witnessed. And photographed.

But as I learned firsthand on Sunday, a fist in the face doesn’t necessarily constitute assault in our increasingly culturally sensitive Toronto.

The details: I was at Yonge-Dundas Square with my nine-year-old son. We ate pizza. We drank bubble tea. And I used my new Canon camera to take photos of this neon shrine.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a hijab ran toward me. She was part of a group that included two women wearing full face-covering burkas. She was screaming: “We are Muslim! You do not take pictures of us!” (Odd. I can’t find the “no photos” rule in the Qur’an.)

I informed the lady I was in a public square in a democracy. I can actually take pictures of whomever I please.

And then: Ka-pow! Her fist collided with my face. Worse, she almost knocked my new camera from my hands.

My son and I were then surrounded by a mob of about 20 people, many of whom were speaking Arabic. One kept demanding I surrender my camera to him.

It was surreal. Was I in Toronto — or Riyadh?


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1 Response to Sharia Law Supercedes Physical Assault Laws

  1. Mark says:

    What a distraction! Zionist agitprop warns of Sharia as a potential threat while concealing that Halacha (Judaic Law) already poisons our jurisprudence and our laws:

    Where else but from the traditions of rabbinic pilpul do we get torture, preemptive and undeclared wars of genocide, and the rest of the perversion of our social contract?

    Even the supposedly “conservative Catholic” Supreme Court Justice Scalia was gulled by vile Talmudic law:

    Don’t be seduced into believing that “Noahide Laws” are benign. Under Noahide Law Christians are liable for beheading because worship of Jesus Christ as the Son of God constitutes idolatry (“avodah zarah”) under rabbinic law. There is plenty of more evidence that can be adduced, but an honest search for the truth using the leads I have provided will be fruitful.

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