Shots Fired

Provo police have confirmed that one person was shot during a protest Monday night near the police department.

The victim, a 60-year-old Provo resident, remained hospitalized Tuesday but was “stable,” according to police. The man was not part of the protest or counter-protest that had been going on, but was just driving in the area, said Provo Police Sgt. Nisha King.

The victim was driving a white SUV on University Avenue and was attempting to turn onto Center Street when a group of protestors began “crowding around the vehicle. A male protester ran to the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at (the) driver and shot one round through the window,” according to a a synopsis of the incident by Provo Deputy Police Chief John Guyerman.

The driver, who was struck by a bullet, “hit the gas trying to leave the situation,” Guyerman said.



What is worse: the “protesters” are attacking innocent people with impunity or the fact that the government is allowing it to continue? Either way, it is open season on good people who only wanted to be left alone.

We have limited options in what is now a civil war. They want more: more reparations, more kneeling, more control, more of everything. What do you want now that apathy is no longer an option?

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to Shots Fired

  1. Archangel says:

    Innocent blood has been spilled, and the people in power have refused to quell these protests/riots, including the President of the United States. He has failed in his oath. I can’t express enough how disappointed I am in his lack of leadership. Now that these rioters have spilled blood on our side with firearms, all bets are off. We are now in a hot civil war.

    Semper Fi

  2. Schmendrick says:

    And to think that this happened in one of the red-ist towns in one of the red-ist states there is!
    Holy crap!
    And this happened just around the corner from the police station.
    FYI there are two police squads in Provo.
    One is for the city and one is for BYU--which is fully state accredited to function off campus if need be I believe--have been a BYU alumni.

    This should be a wake up call to everyone.
    If these thugs can run wild in such a small, conservative town without the cops being present--then you are completely on your own.

    I think the driver of the white SUV was merciful--if I were shot at through the window, I would not have braked down or even slowed when the thugs blocked my path. He had the perfect tool to deliver a lot of street justice then and there.

  3. Schmendrick says:

    Video from another angle shows an ANTIFA type holding a large caliber pistol and firing at the driver of the white SUV…


  4. Paraclete says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…
    It’s now open season…no bag limit.
    Good Hunting

  5. Schmendrick says:

    Just in case the link does not work…

  6. GenEarly says:

    1. Utah has been infected with the democRat virus. 2. Stay armed and aware no matter how “safe” an area you “think” you are in.
    3.What If ??? Pre-pare now!!! You still can. Food Stockpiling is Vital.
    4.This is definitely going to Escalate by the democRat Marxists Seditionists Maggots until they Win Everything.

  7. Schmendrick says:

    Listen to the fool in KC who is the DA.
    She’s looking for a crime to charge these people with…

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