Shut Down the Tea Party! Petition

The lines are drawn between the two sides in this divided “union”. Which side is good? That is easy: which side is lying?

The following petition from the “Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee” labels people fighting for the Constitution as anarchists. But this does give me hope. If evil thinks a petition will shut down sentient people from fighting for their natural law rights, they know they are losing. Regardless of the number of people who have sold their vote (and country) for a government handout.

David DeGerolamo

Committed to Keeping
a Democratic Majority
in the Senate


Shut Down the Tea Party!

The Tea Party led government shutdown was wrong. We will never again be held hostage by Ted Cruz and Tea Party anarchists.

Sign our petition and join us as we work to shut down the Tea Party!

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4 Responses to Shut Down the Tea Party! Petition

  1. fed up says:

    Shut down the Tea Party? Isn’t that what the British tried to do? Let history repeat itself and those who want to shut down the Tea Party will once again lose. The more “they” try to shut it down, the stronger it will become.

  2. LT says:

    Amen. Dissent always has a proper place in society. Trying to suppress it by threats of force is like trying to extinguish a fire with gasoline.

  3. Free speech needs to be stifled at any cost. By all means, shut down the Tea Party!

    • fed up says:

      Robin I know that either your just kidding or your a democrat. No other choice of the two would be a same answer to your response. I hope you’re not a democrat.

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