So, Greg, How was YOUR Day?

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Republican US Senate candidate Greg Brannon had quite a Tuesday.  He was a guest on Glenn Beck’s national radio program, and received quite a bit of flattering praise from the host himself.    What started off as a great day ended with a jury verdict in a civil case that shocked and surprised Brannon and just about everyone else who closely watched the courtroom proceedings.

The media: If you knew nothing about Brannon’s court case but what you read in The N&O and watched on WRAL, you probably came away with the impression that Brannon robbed these people at gunpoint, got arrested by the police, and was facing jail time. It’s tough to cover court cases in short newspaper stories or 30 second videos.  The media regularly reports things that are not heard by the jury.  They also regularly omit important facts the jury heard.



Whoever wins the Republican primary will become our next senator. Hagan is one step above John Edwards in her representation of North Carolina in the Senate. I doubt the people will forget her support of Obamacare and the pResident in the future. 

My personal opinion (for what it is worth) concerning Dr. Brannon is still very positive. I encourage everyone to read the above article in its entirety.

David DeGerolamo

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