So What’s Going On?

I was asked what’s going on in a comment.

Here is what I know (or more accurately don’t know as shown in the examples):

  1. We are being lied to by the government.

a. masks vs. no masks
b. we can go out only for prescriptions and food vs. do not go out for food
c. hydroxycloroquine or no hydroxycloroquine
d. time frame for a return to work
e. fiscal response by Congress
f. business loan/grant vs actual application process. Our bank is not processing any applications until the details are clarified by the government
g. why aren’t the airlines shut down except for cargo
h. vaccine status and time frames
i. hospital staff infections and equipment shortages
j. number of tested to date and what are the requirements to be tested
k. why don’t we have a number of infected in the country after 2 months? models projecting the actual infected should be done by now

I would like to know if we can get reinfected as was reported in February. I would like to know if this virus has antibody dependent enhancement. I would like to know the mutation rate. I would like to know the R0 and the CFR. Anyone who is stating these are unknown is lying. Four months is more than enough time to do models and projections.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to So What’s Going On?

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  2. a follower says:

    Can you even begin to imagine if this was going on under Obama? The “lock down, The endless spending. What would we be thinking?

  3. Lou johnson says:

    Yes, you can get reinfected. The gain of function mutation modification assures that no vaccine can be developed, and that each new infection is genetically different from the last. Chloroquine, iodine, ivermectin, all work. The USG has been issuing iodine, and chloroquine for over 40 years!

  4. Gryphon says:

    All can be Answered by one, or a combination of these Facts:

    1) The government is Stupid and Incompetent.

    2) The government is Corrupt and run by the Self-Serving, Unelected bureaucrats.

    3) The government is Influenced and Controlled by Profoundly Evil individuals (who ‘finance’ it)

    4) the majority of the Citizens are either Too Stupid, and/or Too Ignorant, to see the above Facts.

  5. Remsdad says:

    Ready to get sporty?

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