Some Forget, Some Do Not

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Drug cartels would not exist if there was no market in the United States. We will never win the war on drugs by pandering to and subsidizing drug addiction. Build the war (correctly), legalize drugs (which will minimize profits) and let the chips fall. That means drug testing to receive any government benefits, no government paid “recovery” programs and faith. Faith to let communities help members recover if they want to have help.

I understand that this means the death of many people who have succumbed to drug addiction. I also understand that we have lost this “war” a long time ago. Stop funding the cartels with crime to buy drugs and government assisted suicide with the help of China.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Some Forget, Some Do Not

  1. Jaque says:

    1. Trafficking in illegal drugs should be a death penalty crime. Street sellers Life. Users 25 years. Every dollar spent on illegal drugs funds terrorism.

    2. Militarize the border with Mexico. US forces to be sent on an armored operation 100 miles into Mexico to take on the cartels and destroy them. Ground forces to be aided by air and naval assets. To hell with mexican sovereignty.

    3. Illegals in country must be deported now. Ban illegals from access to all public welfare. Children included.

    4. Criminal gangs must be destroyed. They are a national security threat as is illegal drug use and trafficking.

    4. Cleanse the US K-12 education system of communist doctrine, “woke” indoctrination and all anti US propaganda. Return to the curriculum of the 1960’s teaching fundementals to live independently. Bring back Trades and vocational schools.

    That should get things started.

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