Some People Get It

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3 Responses to Some People Get It

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Dangerous to let others see your face. Those who know you now know what you have and where you keep it.

    And what is to keep Alexa from opening this “locker” when others say the magic words…..?

  2. David says:

    Definite issues with his operational security.

  3. Gryphon says:

    And the local Gestapo ‘fusion center’ has it all… and can ‘lock out’ the Gun Owner any time they want (like as the Raid Party comes up the Driveway). IMO, anyone who has any of this Online, Wi-Fi connected shit in their home is a Fool, as all of it is not only Compromised (by Law) to the government, but anything “Wi-Fi Enabled” can easily be Hacked and used by anyone who can receive the Signal. Like the Business whose WiFi that I am connected to as I type this, sitting in the parking lot, showing up as their I.P. Address.

    And “Smart Phones”? same Persec problem- they can be ‘turned on’ at any time, without the user’s knowledge or consent, and the Gestapo can ‘listen in’ on any conversation within the range of the Microphone. Now Consider This -- Gunshots have a very distinct ‘sound signature’ (which is how those ‘Shot Locater systems work) and it would be very easy to Program the ‘system’ to Report any Gunshot Signature, along with GPS coordinates. So, after the coming ‘assault wepon’ Bans, when you go to that Friend/Relatives’ remote property and rattle off a few Mags, the Gestapo knows Where and When and the Type of Weapon used and number of Shots Fired, all neatly cataloged to be used against you when they arrest you.

    Get the Picture? The Time is YESTERDAY to Get Rid of all Devices that constitute the .gov Spy System.

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