SouthernPrepper1: No Tactics Are Better Than Bad Tactics

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4 Responses to SouthernPrepper1: No Tactics Are Better Than Bad Tactics

  1. Average Joe says:

    Speaking for myself, after reading “Contact”, it was obvious that if someone knew those tactics and I didn’t, well, I was going to die. Then I went up and took a class with Max and wake up call doesn’t begin to describe the experience. The call was on so many levels, from equipment, to fitness, to communication, etc. etc. etc.. My head still spins thinking about it.

    Anyone who has any concern for his family should make the effort and sacrifice and get so real, in the field hands on, training. I found it to be a most humbling and educational experience.

    I would add, that too my surprise, I still have been unable to find or interest others in this type of training and practice. Go figure.

    Y’all have a nice day.

    • Carl says:

      I know your concerns about finding people to train with. Are they scared or just don’t want to interact with others? OR… is it that every man wants to be his own king. Disunity will be fatal. Distrust will be fatal. Our adversaries have done their job well. So many are distrustful of their neighbors and therefore disunited as a community.

      • Average Joe says:

        I expect you have hit the nail on the head Carl as I have run across every category you list. Whether laziness, distrust, or rectal anal insertion, it leads to the same place, no opportunity to train without spending several hundred dollars, at least 3 days out of town, and even if possible one is likely to go as a bachelor which limits the usefulness of the training.

        Heck, I’ve even resorted to airsoft in an effort to have some small opportunity to use equipment, a physical challenge, and group participation. While there is usually very little organization at least it’s fun, fills the 3 categories listed, and affords me time with one of my grandsons.

        Y’all have a nice day.

  2. Keeper says:

    I agree no training is better than bad training that might get you killed I to have been up to MTV and learned a lot and they’re still a lot more to learn most peppers I know can’t touch their toes see their feet in by all kinds of crap and think they’re going to defend everybody with their Mosin-Nagant rifle . I’m kind of lucky we found a group down here in in northeast Florida we meet up and train every so often but not enough enough I think makes a difference

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