Summer of Fire 2011

Alabama is the only state in the union which will not have a budget deficit in 2012. Seven other states have either not reported data or their budget deficit is “not applicable”. The current budget deficit for the fifty (not fifty-seven) states and the District of Columbia is now $125 billion. If each affected state was able to balance their budget using state worker reductions, this would amount to 2.5 million people out of work starting July 1st , 2011. This assumes an average salary of $50,000 per worker.  If we assume an average salary of $40,000, this would increase the number to 3.125 million people.

According to this same report from the Wall Street Journal, North Carolina’s budget deficit is $5.8 billion instead of the $3.6 billion current being reported. Let’s use the smaller figure to see how many SEIU workers would lose their job to balance the budget. At $50,000 per year, we would have to fire (not layoff) 72,000 state workers. Of course this would not translate to a direct savings since North Carolina will have to pay unemployment benefits to these workers. Since the state unemployment fund is broke, we would have to borrow more money on top of the $2.6 billion that we currently owe the federal government for unemployment benefits.

SEIU (SEANC) only has 55,000 members. Not all state workers join the union but a large majority do. The question that we have to ask ourselves is very simple:

What will and SEIU do with at least 500,000 state workers that are about to be fired across the country?

And we have not addressed the other budget cuts in social engineering programs that will be cut to balance the budget. I believe that the summer of 2011 will be known as the “Summer of Fire” due to the civil unrest that is about to befall our country. 

Do you think our country will react as the people in Japan or in England? The union plan to collapse our country announced last week does not appear to be too conspiratorial at this point.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Summer of Fire 2011

  1. WNC Patriot says:

    There is a large amount of people required to live in a small area in Japan. They are raised as a whole, therefore, in a culture that focuses on the collective and not the individual. Because of this, there is less potential for looting and violence, but also less individual liberty.

    In America, we have the leadership of the progressive liberals pushing collectivism to advance a political agenda of control and power. That group, as we have already seen in Wisconsin, will act as a violent mob.

  2. TMedlin says:

    Excellent article. Also, I just read that Steve Lerner, who delivered the gameplan for the economic terrorist attack to bring down our economy -- the plan Glenn Beck exposed and was discounted by the left because he supposedly had been fired from SEIU -- well Wade Rathe, of ACORN fame, disclosed that Lerner was NOT fired, is actually on unpaid leave -- which accounts for the refusal of SEIU to give any confirmation as to Lerner’s status.

  3. Pam Reynolds says:

    I believe that this year and next will bring civil unrest. The pentagon has given warnings about it. Americans should be outraged that no one cares about the SEIU plot.

    I gave the balance the budget for NC a try that was online and it was easy for me to do it. Take away things like teacher assistants that was a chunk of money. We did not have assistants when I was in school and we made it.

  4. Richard says:

    Americans have tried everything in the book to make ends meet. We have elected representatives with promises of change but when in Washington that doesn’t matter. When exposed to the good life and the corporate money, they feel they owe us nothing.
    In reality, they don’t. It’s the corporations that get them re-elected and no contract has been signed. All can see the damage they can cause in their position.
    All reps enter with a net worth that isn’t even close to what they leave with, not to mention the retirement package that they take with them.
    Face it, they don’t want change. That is our job.
    We know the system is corrupt and we need to act before it explodes.

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