Syria Was Meant as a Distraction

Syria has served its purpose for pResident Obama. The IRS Tea Party scandal, Benghazi, America’s bankrupt cities, the federal budget, the debt ceiling, Fast & Furious, Obamacare implementation and immigration reform are not in the headlines of our news media. Was the sarin attack in Syria even real? We know that people died. ¬†Our western European “allies” are reporting much lower casualties than John Kerry and no one can prove who released the gas. From a logical perspective, al-Assad had no reason to attack his own capital when UN inspectors were present.

But the reality is that our national security is not at risk. There is no reason for the United States Obama to support the lesser of two evils. Or in this case, the greater of two evils. Which leaves us with the unpleasant task of trying to second guess what his true motives are.


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1 Response to Syria Was Meant as a Distraction

  1. LostTexan says:

    Distraction as described? Gas pipelines? Assistance to al-Qaeda? All are plausible, and possible, even probable.And now he can bamboozle the stupids with his brilliant statesmanship at reaching a “deal” with Russia, when, in fact, he’s been taken to the woodshed by Putin and is the laughingstock of the “international community” he is so fond of referring to.

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