T. L . Davis: Maybe Then

Running just below the surface of America is a disaster. Everyone feels it, you can see it in their eyes. The news is rigged, so nothing disastrous will ever hit the cable to your television unless it advances the collectivist cause. But, that doesn’t stop the socialist disasters from happening. The Parkland shooting is a prime example. When the narrative can be aimed at guns and the NRA, it explodes on the television screens, when it turns out that four socialist deputies stood outside, hiding in the bushes while a person known to local law enforcement and the FBI as a serious threat to schools goes on a rampage killing 17 students, it cannot be found.

It is this manipulation that strikes the subconscious, even when it is defended by those with a political agenda. The collectivists know they are sublimating the truth and their eyes show it. The more rabid they are, the harder they are trying to deceive the rest of us and themselves.


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  1. a follower says:

    “The weakness of the individualist and why it always loses out to the level of attack that has been leveled against America over the past hundred years, especially in the past several decades, is that individualists, unlike collectivists, cannot organize. They cannot work together. Each is a nation among himself. Slowly, they are throttled individually, swallowed up into the collective and eventually converted, assuming the role of a serf. A worker for the grand designs of the collective.”

    In the art of warfare is it not the individualist that is stronger? The smaller more isolated groups. Scattered. Doing exploits (spreading Truth)
    Thinking we will all come together in these days and take back the gov. by force is to ignore the NWO Beast system.
    Thinking it is a thing to come rather than a thing that is h dangerous at this time.
    The individual is in the right. They can not win.
    The collective always crashes.
    There may come a time for prudence on our part, for becoming the grayman. This i believe is how the remnant perseveres and remains if it is by His will. By YAh’s seal, by His hand, His protection.His timing.

    I do not believe we are at the beginning of collectivism, we are at the end.Our job is exposing this.
    The Olympics this year was based on Group over the individual. This was the Theme. The opening ceremony was very telling.
    All this is on display upon the world wide stage.
    All the words being used world wide Unity etc. Universalism etc. creepy stuff.
    Laodicean times
    This is the peace peace we have been warned about.


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