T.L. Davis: Petition of Dissolution

It is no longer a question of whether or not we, as Americans, should revolt, we have all known that was the ultimate outcome for a long time. There is nothing left of the nation to which we might have taken a pledge to defend. That time has passed as surely as the time for obedience to the crown had passed. The only remaining stumbling block was the notion that somehow–even if we knew better–the vote would get us out of trouble. That perhaps, we could do well enough and turn the country around and our opposites would see that it was best to vote for the policies that worked for the nation. And, even if we didn’t believe that, we told ourselves that, knowing that we were lying. But, rampant voter fraud and the complete disregard for the laws proved that our “opposites” had latched onto the rationalization that Trump was a racist to vindicate their wholesale cheating in the elections and their full intention to do so until they regained power. Now that they have won the House in that manner, they can concentrate on the Senate and President in the next election. They are printing pre-cast ballots for Hillary as we speak.


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