Tarantino’s Canary Trap


From Deadspin:

Learning today that his script The Hateful Eight leaked after he gave it to a small circle of actors, Quentin Tarantino tells me that he’s so upset that he has decided that he will not direct that film next.

by Sam Culper III

Not a huge Tarantino fan, but I am a big fan of Westerns so I must say that I’m a little disappointed.  Though not nearly as disappointed as Tarantino.

So he gave copies of this script to six actors, one of whom allowed it to be leaked.  What he practiced is a form ofaccess control, which we all know is a security measure (though poorly practiced; under the key assumption thatonly those six people would ever see it).  A better form of access control would have been a read-only setting, say, in his own home.  He selected six recipients, so we know that one of them was likely the cause of the leak.

Leaks are dangerous to you, but you can make them dangerous to leakers by using what’s called a canary trap.  Tarantino doesn’t know which of the six actors leaked the script, but he could know if he had only followed this simple procedure.


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