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2 Responses to Tell Me Also

  1. Bill says:

    Lori, You have to be kidding me, the poor homeless kids don’t belong here, period. they all need to be sent back to there socialist countries and the Obama train they arrived on for the last 8 years before President Trump Took over. as for the American children yes these kids need to be taken care of first and that’s it, I don’t want any of my tax money being spent on illegal aliens and there children this takes away money that rightfully must go to AMERICAN CITIZENS. Hey Lori ,our nation spends hundreds of millions on foreign aid which goes to the countries where these people are coming from , so the question you need to ask yourself where the hell is the money going in these nations, or is it a giant kickback scam to the demonrat party. You figure it out Lori, you are letting the media emotions cloud your judgement on this fake issue. and ask yourself another question where was the media during the light 16 years of the Bush and Obama administration when all this was going and even worse, “Use your brain Lori.
    Now , if the homeless children you are speaking are American children and adults then I would I agree with you, they must come first over everyone else. no illegal aliens should receive any funds what so ever and they all must be sent back to there countries.

    • David says:

      You need to reread what she wrote. She is advocating for homeless American children, not illegal aliens.

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