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Consider the following scenario:

Based on the information from Italy concerning the CIA’s manipulation of the 2020 presidential election, Texas formally declines to recognize Joe Biden’s inauguration. The dispute between Texas and the federal government is not resolved. Texas secedes citing the breach of the Constitution’s election requirements and voter fraud. Florida secedes and joins the new American Union (AU) under President Trump. Other states start to debate which is the legal government. The Biden administration orders federal troops to put down the “rebellion”.

What will people do in the existing United States when their state governments try to overthrow the new country since the majority of the people voted for Trump? Why is President Trump in Abilene, TX? If President Biden did not have dementia, he would realize that his “administration” will be short lived or dead on arrival.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. 173dVietVet says:

    David -- -- This may happen, but it will result in a civil war. There are a high number of military bases in Texas and the Pentagon would be ordered to turn those troops against Texas. Perhaps some commanders would resign their commissions but many would be found to carry out the Pentagon’s orders. My guess is that there would be defections/desertions and that Nat Guard and Reserve Centers would be raided (or left open by insiders) for their supply of arms and munitions.

    As I said in another comment, our only hope is for a peaceful secession of conservative rule of law states using an Article Five Convention of the States to accomplish Texit, Okla-exit, Lousi-exit, etc.

    I do like your visual. Turn it into a bumper sticker and the Texans will buy a million !

    • DRenegade says:

      Civil war or world war are the only options we face.

      • buffalo lips says:

        So be it DR. Speaking as both US Armed Forces (Ret.) and State Peace Officer (Ret.), older than dirt, SJWs and treasonous actors should beware old men like me from professions where men (with skills that most would consider remarkable) typically die young. Take heart. The well-trained and equipped ‘grey brigade’ of past warriors will be on the front lines across the United States, defending from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That’s a solemn promise. Millions of us will not go quietly into the night.

        • Gabe says:

          God bless you sir, its real easy for a guy to feel like he is a one man army up against insurmountable forces.

        • FedUpFLman says:

          Damn right sir! I respect that! I was just telling a friend earlier “WE GOT A TON OF OLD BADASS CRAZY PATRIOTS THAT ARE PISSED WITH NOTHING TO LOSE AND DON’T PLAN TO!” I hate communicating through this damn thing but I need one of you nearby!! I am not getting any younger either… But have kids to protect! That’s 1st! Without our freedom to a democracy and law abiding Courts, we’re infiltrated! The sad part is.. these 3rd w countries would have them hung in street! We are the USA…WTF HAPPENED

    • FlBoy407 says:

      More people need to know about Convention of States! I am learning all this myself.
      My First time voting this year and it will be last now. it is very pointless! Sad to say,but I am far from a trained soldier that can actually handle much of what needs done. And NO, I am Not giving up! Just think people talk..talk talk(keyboard warriors) they/infiltrated left have the geekiest tech people in world practically J.dorky/MZuk helping out and A LOT of high up friend’s! The new war.. seems that’s where it all is, DIGITAL WARFARE/BIO NOW of course too! TY Bill&Changang! So, we are f’d..How do we fight the invisible enemy? Suggestions? How many Fl res frequent here btw?

  2. oldtimer505 says:

    I hope to hell that we win one battle, just one. I am getting tired of backing up. Simply put, I am tired of the lie, cheat and steal culture we have running this nation.

    • tangle says:

      There are a lot of us that are.

    • FedUpFLman says:

      Yes sir! Sucks badly… The kids ain’t the same as back in day. It’s normal for middle school to be homo and whatnot. Sad part is that’s not even the worse problem! No offense to anyone. I know a homo girl that’s cool!! Anyway, The education is HORRIBLE! I think we all are feeling beat… I do want to help, but not tech savvy nor do I care to be. So, i just come to seek information here. I think I trust these guys here so far! If not,, OH WELL! I am fed up with worrying about what I’m allowed to say on internet. They can jot my name in too bc I’ll raise hell for freedom and ask forgiveness later, need be…God bless you patriots! Sorry so sloppy and scattered..that’s my head racing!

  3. Jerry Blurton says:

    I would like to think all us okies will support the convention of states

  4. Rifleman1775 says:

    I am a Virginian, first, last, and always. However, I remember, and emphasize regularly as a history teacher, that Virginians led the way in the Texas Revolution. Virginians Sam Houston and Bigfoot Wallace (direct descendent of William Wallace of Braveheart fame) are as responsible as any men in securing Texas’ independence. With Virginia now being a subverted communist commonwealth, I will join Texas if they secede. I hope and pray Texas secedes and leads the way to a new Constitutional Union.

    “Virginia and the Independence of Texas”

    • tangle says:

      There are counties in Virginia that are not happy. Didn’t Tazewell county start training a militia a few months ago?

      I drive into Virginia every once in a while and I have heard talk there and people away from DC/Richmond area are steaming mad. I would not give up on Virginia yet.

  5. Zubin says:

    Yes a lot of us here, but not united with a leader. We need few Armed forces units to join us.

  6. bcparkison says:

    God’s will…will be done.

  7. NOG says:

    Born and raised in Texas. This is just not going to happen. The reason is our political class is not that much different then those in DC. Note past governors Bush junior and Rick Perry aka Breck boy (old folk will remember the hair shampoo commercials). It is a good ole’ boy club that guards its power, never letting the commoners near it. Those guys have to screw their pants on in the morning they are so crooked. Ever so slowly we got gun law reform- note they fight Constitutional Carry every time it comes up. Always it’s “just not doable right now”. Knife laws got better after decades of trying- note even the famed Bowie knife was banned until recently. Now with the Cali fruit and nut lib invasion and illegals flooding in and getting “rights”, we will be blue in a couple election cycles. Most of us who would try to fight this are getting mighty gray headed ie too old to run and gun. I even expect the Irish fake Mexican Beto O’Dork will get elected soon to a big post. Texas is now a myth or perhaps a caricature of it’s former self. Sad days .

    • tangle says:

      Your honesty is amazing. My hat goes off too you.

      There are some that would move to a state if they where sure it would secede. In the end, The People of the state make the choice. Office holders that go against their will can be easily removed.

  8. oldvet50 says:

    Interesting… I served in the USAF at Dyess in the early seventies and it was SAC then. Lots of strategic arms in underground bunkers. Don’t know if its the same but I know real Texas loves Trump (not Austin, Houston or Dallas-Ft Worth) so he should be safe for what comes next.

  9. Capt pops says:

    One can surely hope for such a response.
    Col. Allen West said last week, that since the Constitution has effectively been shredded, and is no longer the rule of law in our Country, maybe it’s time Texas and some other states do something else.
    I applaud the idea. I can say, that in answer to the question we have posted at the top of this site, I am ready, and willing to make that sacrifice, when necessary.
    I took an Oath, to GOD, (like all military personne)l to defend the Constitution against all enemies.
    I’m now faced with the moral dilemma to acknowledge that I either need to pray to GOD, and say “just kidding”, or I need to decide what to do to keep that oath.
    There very well could be civil war. There are mad socialist liberals who are on record as saying that Trump conservatives will be rounded up and treated as criminals. And we, who consider ourselves Conservative Constitutional Patriots, who do support Trump should just let them handle us thus???
    Yeah, I think not. Molon Labe.

    • tangle says:

      A good place to start if Tactical Civics (there is a youtube channel). I think we are past some of the options there. To fulfill your oath, you could start talking to people and form a “group” of like minded people. Run through scenarios and what to do about them. Take note of what skills those in the group have and offer classes for the problems faced in your area. It only takes one person that has the courage to stand up to make a difference.

  10. Farmhand says:

    Missouri here, and I have written Hawley to have articles of secession ready in his pocket to join with Texas. I certainly hope and believe that there are enough decent patriots in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, hell, maybe all the way through Alberta, Yukon and Alaska to join. I am a military contractor, and based on my most recent deployments, about a third of the rank & file would obey illegal orders. Not like it used to be.

  11. Truth in Tension says:

    I am a Texan. My roots go back to the first Mexican land grants. I can say Texans have great pride in their state. It is normal to see homes with flag poles in the front yard flying the Texas flag. The majority of the people that I know in Texas voted for President Trump and they are not happy that the election was a fraud. I do not know if Texas will actually secede from the federal government, however, there is a large part of the Texas population that would be pleased if it did happen. The federal government needs Texas a lot more then Texas needs the federal government.

    Don’t mess with Texas. TEXIT!

  12. LT says:

    A “limited war” in TX would not be a good outcome, but is a probable one in this scenario. Sadly, given the options available at this late date, I hope and pray that they DO secede, and succeed.
    Down with the CCP and Fusa. By all means necessary.

    • GenEarly says:

      Once “IT” starts anywhere, “IT” spreads everywhere. Red Counties are numerous even in some Blue states. CW’s are messy affairs.
      CT rifle owners refused to register years ago, State Polezi let it slide. and that’s CT.
      If “IT’s” coming, there’s no place to run; just Embrace It. Shock and Awe works for the Bold. It worked for Nathan Bedford Forrest, sound tactics for a CW.

  13. trykflyr says:

    In 4 years they couldn’t get a wall built along the southern Arizona border. I’ve lived in Del Rio, Texas and watched the masses just walk across the bridge or the river. Hell, they would wander through my yard trying to find their way to San Antonio. Nothing ever done about it. You think you’re gonna be able to stop anyone wanting to waltz into Texas from anywhere? There are one helluva lot of ways to get into Texas and you’ll never, ever close ’em all. Lots of talk about secession and all, but you’ve got to be able to secure your perimeter once you’ve seceded, gang. Ain’t gonna happen.

    I live in Alaska now. 1, count ’em!, 1 road into & out of the place and it goes through Canaderp. You want in you take a boat or you fly. There’s been talk of secession here for the 25 years I’ve lived here, been on ballots and everything. Ain’t gonna happen. There’s too much physical interconnection between states, even here, and no way to stop anyone, let alone the 1/3 of the military that’ll blindly follow orders to quell the rebellion of the unwashed masses.

    It’s nice to talk about and think about, but it ain’t gonna happen. Quit deluding yourselves. I, for one, truly wish it would, but it. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

  14. Night Watchman says:

    If Texas goes, Oklahoma will likely be right there with them. We Okies love to give our neighbors a hard time, but the love of liberty is just as strong on this side of the Red River.

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  16. maria says:

    Seems like Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida might lean toward seceding. I don’t know about Miss.

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