Thank a Democrat

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  1. mtnforge says:

    More White replacement tactics aka Genocide of the glorious Christian Men of The West, courtesy of our arch enemy the Neo-Bolsheviks, via introduction of long vanquished communimacal disease. It is actually germ warfare. Certainly not beyond the pale by the human extinctionmovement. But what will happen is it will not be the end of The Men of The West, but an extermination of our arch enemy for good. It will have to be. Or we all will fight a never ending war on the circle route of history.
    The odds greatly favor the dirt people, though to listen to the humanists, the “resistance is futile” shit stirrers, trolls paid or useful idiot kind, and the 5th column media hive collective, us dirt people also known as those “Deplorable’s”, the fat lady has left the opera house.

    Where in all this one may wonder is Comey, his vaunted FBI, and his higher calling of patriotism in all this? And Brennin with his unique special constitutional right to the privacy of every woman child and man in America?
    I thought these guys are all that stands in the way of evil who let us sleep safe at night? CNN said so.

    Oh, I almost forgot. There are no moderate musloids and no moderate Democrats, no assimilated brown people invasion, there’s no innocent FBI agents either.
    Just a Faustian bargain between them all and the executive corps we call the deep state.
    About that dirt people winning, let’s do some rudimentary math. Let’s say maybe half of the cadre of federal employees, though you would never know they work for us on our dime, take the hard core red diaper babies and union state and county employed, maybe a quarter of the rank and file state local and county law enforcement personal, add the you owe me kracker welfare army of the leftist hives, along with the brainless youth corps of Amerika rushed through the 5th column assembly line of the intelligentsia aka College, then the most ideological cargo cultists of the leftist electorate, looking at a reasonable guess number based on the 2016 POTUS popular vote tally, let’s say there are 30 million die hard sand useful idiots aka cannon fodder. Most of whom will require a basic motivation to gather in substantial numbers, then from that collective who show up there’s materiel and services supply, large venues where they can receive direction and ideological directives, then lastly broke down into manageable battalion and company size, with political and front line operatives, transportation, agitprop props, weapons, lawyers, food vendors, lodging, basic comm’s, and moral boosting resources to keep this hive mind fresh and courageous.
    It’s a huge undertaking. MAGA has severely depleted the evergreen money tree of weaponized federal agencies, leaving most if not all financial requirements to private/corporate sponsors.

    This last item portends some interesting particulars, one of which is it is not a bottomless trough of other peoples socialistic money. It is a finite resource, though in itself is quite substantial, it still is the wealth of corporate/bankster oligarchy, and subject to limits at the whim of the oligarch’s motives.
    Then there is the basic innate greed and corruption of the operatives and actors of the neo-Bolshevik’s themselves. An inherent source of waste itself.
    And all along there’s the very essential branch of the hive called the fake news. It requires substantial subsidies to remain functional, its fig leaf of illusion of revel envy and legitimacy a critical requirement. All that studio glamour and “professionalism”, the look of graphics created by state of the arts tech, the endless line of pundents and specialists, mostly method actors and operatives, agent provocateurs, along with a Corp of “Journalist’s”, talking heads and ex .fed actors, who are on the payroll or take.
    It’s one shitload of money. Talking billions a year to support this dirty stinking commie leviathan.
    Is it any wonder at all they despise Trump MAGA and us dirt people that the gravy train of our tax money has been denied them?

    Is there a stage approaching where the money, and or the momentum of this monster reaches a critical point where it becomes jump the monster mother of all sharks time? All in or nothing Stage.
    The ol’ Hail Mary?

    There’s the analogy of desperate desperado’s do desperate deeds, and even cowards are very dangerous because of their certain low cunning.

    The last few days have taken on sinisterly dangerous feature surrounding a President Trump’s warning to Goolag, Twatter, Faceborg, and the legacy media executives to tread lighting with their selective censorship of anything “conservative”. This cabal of corporate domestic enemies of the dirt people immediately disrespected the office and rightful power of Mr Trump and his presidency. Truly hubristic, unprecedented collective dissonance, daring Trump to do something about their treason against the dirt people and his duty to look out for our welfare above any and all other considerations. Ol’ Trump looked truly furious as he should be, these scumbags literally threw the last shreds of Republican form of government in the trash, what remain of the so called civil contract needs a fork, it’s toast now.
    Very very serious business here. The cabal thinks it has the power to slap their gloves against Trumps face without vengeance applied in return?
    Fucked up like a soup sandwich is what it is.

    I keep saying it, I know it sounds like the crazed outlier conspiracy mumblings of an old heterosexual red blooded American racist, but Mr. Trump is going to end up declaring Martial Law or loose what’s left of FUSA before this shit ends.

    It’s not difficult to see the indications from the deplorable rural frontier of dirt people land, but events have shifted into a higher ratio in order to retake the momentum from MAGA. It’s now a race to see who can take control of the Overton window. At some point a grave move is undertaken and all hell of black swans erupts and no one retains control. Things are that fragile. It is remarkable TSHTF has not become the only remaining state of America.

    The forces of light and truth have clashed head on with Satan’s hand maidens.

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