The Chessboard Is Being Set by Putin

What is Putin’s plan going forward? His actions to date have been measured and well planned. And successful. I believe Putin’s plan is:

  1. Discredit Turkey. Putin has shown Turkey’s funding of ISIS through illegal purchases of Syrian oil. He also has shown that Turkey’s attack on the Russian jet was not justified. If he can prove that the US is complicit by providing intelligence in the downing of the Russian jet and Obama’s continued support of ISIS’s oil sales in Turkey, he will discredit the US’s role in the “fight against terror”.
  2. Putin has taken the high road as the champion of Christianity. Since the next war will be a religious war against Islam, he will position himself as the White Knight.
  3. Putin has met with France’s Hollande to discuss their cooperation against ISIS. He will build support across Europe to finish ISIS. This will weaken (if not destroy) the NATO alliance.
  4. With Winter coming, Russia controls a large portion of Europe’s energy requirements. This resource will be exploited to Russia’s benefit. Especially in Germany.

Putin is masterfully deploying the chessboard while Obama is working on his climate change legacy. World War III is here. Unfortunately, our government is on the wrong side and the people will pay a high price for its treason.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to The Chessboard Is Being Set by Putin

  1. Average Joe says:


    As someone who grew up during most of the “cold war” it is all but unfathomable that the former proponent of Marxism now has one of the worlds fastest growing populations converting the Christianity.

    The Lord certainly does move in mysterious ways.

  2. Fed up says:

    Although I know Putin is suppose to be the “bad guy” and Russia is our “sworn enemy” I just can’t help thinking that Putin is in some ways the better guy. Now that the election i done and gone I have to ask, What was that comment obama made to Putin about being able to do more after the election”? I am not one that believes the government of “our country” is always telling us the truth. I also don’t believe they are always looking out for our “best interests”. My question is why is Putin looking out for the Christians and stopping the flow of cash to ISIS and our pResident isn’t? Who IS the bad guy?

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