The Devil Is in the Details

I will come right out and say it: the Republicans lose because they have no backbone and are not that smart. Or I should say not as educated as the opposition.

Some examples:

  1. Trump hired Alan Dershowitz to defend him in his impeachment trial in the Senate. I will not elaborate on Mr. Dershowitz’s political leanings other than to say they are completely opposite of the conservative viewpoint.
  2. Trump came out at his COVID-19 press conference and hid the truth from the American people. Why? Because the powers that be know that most people cannot handle the truth and have no critical thinking skills. The endemic outbreak in California was first discovered on February 19th. The mayor of San Francisco declared a local emergency on February 25th. Does anyone seriously think that the President of the United States did not know that a community outbreak in California was the reason for this declaration? And yet the truth was replaced with the conservative mantra to buy the dip.

Some facts and estimates:

  1. There are currently 7.8 billion people on the earth.
  2. A leaked report from the United Kingdom stated that 80% of the world’s population would be infected by COVID-19.
  3. No one is talking about it but the case fatality rate is rising since more accurate numbers are coming in. The rate is now 3.4% which is still probably low based on the manipulation of infected in China, Iran, Thailand, Russia and the United States.

So let’s run the numbers based on the above information. The number of people who will die from COVID-19 globally will be 212,160,000 people. If we use the low end rate of infected as Harvard estimates to be 40%, the number drops down to 106,080,000. But don’t worry, as Rush Limbaugh and the President have stated that this is comparable to the regular flu.

I heard two disturbing points today from talking heads:

  1. Don’t wear a mask, just wash your hands.
  2. There is no need to buy additional food or supplies.

This was coupled with the administration’s promise to have large numbers of N95 masks manufactured instead of N100 masks.

But let’s go back to the original premise, Republicans are not as well educated as the opposition. Do not get me wrong: education rarely equates to high character. And very few politicians on either side have high character. The opposition is using COVID-19 for political purposes. The administration is not qualified to handle this crisis as their actions have proven. As we move into the Fourth Turning, our confidence in our institutions and governments is collapsing as predicted. I just want to have you consider how many people must die in order to keep the world’s economies from collapsing? Even when economic collapse is inevitable?

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to The Devil Is in the Details

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    We do have an excess.

  2. 173dVietVet says:

    David -- -- Thanks for the reference to The Fourth Turning, a prophetic book which all should become aware of.

    I heard The Trumpeter last night give his uneducated take on the government’s response and crow about things being all Hunky-Dory when that is either a facile underestimation of the state of virus counter-action or an outright lie. I couldn’t stomach listening to Rush Limbaugh prattling about how this Kung Fu Flu is just like the annual flu episodes that we face each winter.

    In his favor is the motivation to keep the stock market pumping….but his words will be hung around his neck just as Hoover’s assurances were used to pin the Depression’s deprivations on his administration even though FDR took steps that magnified Hoovers mis-judgments.

    He can still pull his bacon out of the approaching political fire if he levels with the people and acts decisively without regard to political gamesmanship…

  3. Peggy Ramthun says:

    Follow the money, schumer wants 8 billion, san fran mayor wants money, they all want money and this is a great excuse to get some easy money. as usual they won’t spend a dime on the problem at hand. Mark my words

  4. a follower says:

    How many people would die if panicked? There is the True herd mentality.
    Perhaps they are concerned not to start a stampede?
    What Trump and the doctors said and what they did not say should be warning enough?
    How many other individuals are out their issuing warnings?
    Discernment is needed. Fire arrows of Truth and concerns.
    And yes follow the money, Why is money always the first and most important hail and course of action?
    Going over the top is a problem, we do not need to exaggerate or further embellish the stories.

  5. Andy says:

    Well, as a whole, most of us here have known for some time that things were going to get spicy. I’m pretty sure not many of us anticipated a pandemic, although it was certainly one of the possibilities. I am not in the stock market, and do not know anyone who is, but the effects of the plunge will hit us in any event.

    Most of the people I know, outside of the few here, have absolutely no clue about what is coming, and refuse to wake up even when shaken violently… they would rather stay in their dream, even while death is at their door. Then they call me a conspiracy nut, and ask if I’ve been getting my “news” from Fox. True story… they are that disconnected.

    I agree that Trump, whom I support very much, needs to tell us the truth. The question is whether he has been told the truth. Rush Limbaugh certainly hasn’t. Sean Hannity certainly hasn’t. Not sure they would tell us the truth if they knew.

    Republicans are arrogant. Just like Democrats. This is why we will suffer, and many of us will die. I think this thing is just getting started, and we are in for a terrible ride.

  6. Gryphon says:

    Anybody ever read Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “Mask of the Red Death”? Synopsis:

    Plague Happens.

    Rich Guy invites friends to big Estate.

    They all pile into the Castle, Lock the Gate, don’t bother helping the Tenants.

    Couple Weeks In, they get Bored, someone suggests a “Costume Party” for entertainment.

    Someone shows up Staggering, Bleeding from the Mouth and Nose.

    Everybody is Pissed, someone grabs for the “Mask” the guy is wearing….

    But it Isn’t a Mask.

    They all now have the Plague.

    Really sound like what we are seeing, the so-called “Leaders” who SHOULD be helping Everyone to Prepare are instead trying to “Minimize the Danger” so they won’t “Lose Money”.

    The People be Damned.

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