The Devil You Know?

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There is an old saying that is appropriate for Colorado’s Senate President, John Morse. His “better to be safe than sorry” defense against a recall effort is better described as:

It is better to have the devil you know (than the devil you don’t).

Let’s expand this a little further. Isn’t this why we have a high rate for re-electing incumbents even when our legislative bodies have low public opinion ratings? I have lost count of the number of conversations which have turned into arguments over “voting for the lesser of two evils”.  And that is one of the main reasons that we are in the midst of losing our federal system of government to usurpers.

How do we rebuild our country? One step at a time using the principles given to us by our forefathers: Morality, Sacred Honor and Personal Sacrifice. Ask yourself how these principles apply to government officials and then ourselves. An overwhelming majority of the people would say that they hold these principles to be dear. Who would state that they are immoral, have no honor and would not help their fellow man when in need? But the real question is whether other people would say that you possess these characteristics. If you  know of people who live their lives according to these principles, then these are the people to elect and promote as statesmen.

“Imagine all the people” being moral, having Sacred honor and willing to sacrifice their fortunes for their children. It is not hard to imagine: it is hard to do. It is time to stop imagining.

David DeGerolamo

Colorado Dem: Don’t recall me because it’s ‘better to be safe than sorry’

Colorado’s state senate president is fighting an effort to recall him with an incumbent’s dream slogan: “Better to be Safe than Sorry.”

Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, both headed for Colorado’s two historic recall elections Sept. 10, gave 300 word statements to the county clerks for both El Paso County and Pueblo County, where the recalls will be held. The statements will be included, along with he arguments of those who want to throw Morse and Giron out of office, on the recall ballots.

Morse and Giron were targeted for their support of tough new gun control legislation, specifically a law that limits the number of rounds in ammunition magazines and one requiring universal background checks.


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