The Eagle, the Dragon, and the Bear, by Robert Gore

In one week President Trump confirmed that his first concern is the United States, that he has what may be a workable vision for its place in the world, and he loathes globalism and the globalists. A good measure of his efficacy is the outrage he generates. By that measure, that week was his finest hour…so far.

Europe won’t have a seat at Trump’s great-power table. Its welfare states are addicted to their handouts, deeply in debt, rely on uneven trade arrangements with the US, and have below-replacement birth rates. They are cowed by Soros-sponsored propaganda—Immigration is the answer!—and haven’t shut off the immigrant invasion. Refusing to spend on their own militaries, they’ve used what they save on defense to subsidize welfare spending and state bureaucracies.

They’re ignoring a lesson from history: nations that rely on other nations for their defense generally come to regret it. Instead, they’re wedded to the globalist acronyms: NATO, EU and UN. They have frittered away their power and their glory—Europe’s heritage and civilization—opting for overrun masquerading as assimilation by dogmatic and implacable foes.


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1 Response to The Eagle, the Dragon, and the Bear, by Robert Gore

  1. Exring says:

    I have only read the beginning but a comment from Margret Thatcher(sp) came to mind. “Socialism works just fine until you run out of some else;s money”. If you compare Socialism and Marxism, the only difference is the Socialists lie to us and take our stuff and the Marxists decided the lying process took too much time so they put a gun to our head and demanded we give it to them. Ref. the Middle East, China, N. Korea (until recently, if the negotiations are successful), even Russia. I am glad that POTUS, Trump is making good his promises. The other 534 liars in Washington, D.C. are still trying to stick the whole thing up our “Bum”.

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