The Fight is Unavoidable at this Time. Freedom is on the Line. We Owe these Traitors Nothing: Not Respect, Not Decency, Not Mercy. We Owe Them Nothing!!!

I wasn’t going to write anything today, but now I feel the need to voice some things.

The fix is in folks. They are stealing this election right in front of our very eyes. How you say? I’ll give you just a couple of examples. First off, overnight in Michigan, Biden gets an infusion of 138,339 votes, but nobody else gets not one single vote, not one? Second, in Wisconsin, Trump was leading by 110k votes with 93% reporting. Now Biden is up by 20k with 95% reporting. The only way that 400k votes equals 2% is if there were 20 million votes. They are stealing Wisconsin. These are just two examples of mathematical impossibilities.

Our country is now lost. Now what are you/we going to do about it?

Are we going to watch our country be stolen from us and do nothing? Or will we fight?

I don’t want to hear those of you who say “the country will carry on as always, it won’t affect us. Everything will be just fine. We survived 8 years of Obama we can survive sleepy Joe.” Why should we keep punting all these issues down the road? Pacifists while they may have good intentions, are wrong.

George Orwell said, “Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side, you automatically help out that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, ‘he that is not with me is against me’.”

Everyone wants peace. Everyone likes peace. So you may think it’s honourable to continue to preach your pacifist ways. It’s not. The road to peace is not one paved by passivity. Communist and tyrants don’t typically step down because they are ignored. In fact being ignored often fuels them, allowing them to commit atrocities unfettered.

We are under attack. This Civil War/Revolution/Communist takeover is well under way. We are getting punched in the face on a daily basis and it seems all we can do is talk and turn the other cheek.

What happens with the Democrats holding the House and Sleepy Joe, I mean legs in the air Harris in the Whitehouse? These people hate us. They hate everything about us. Nothing we can do will ever change that. We are a very different people from these commies on the left. They aim to rule us, and we will not be ruled by them. Their thirst for power should be evident. They are willing to burn our country down and make a sham of our elections for their power.

This great experiment called America has been pissed away and we are going to have to fight for our children and grandchildren futures. This burden should not be passed onto them.

Sadly, our country is done! The sides have been chosen. Prepare for the most brutal war that this world has ever seen. It’s coming, hell it’s here. I don’t think anything stops it now, nor should it. It’s time for a proverbial gut check. Reach down deep and find those balls that make you a man. The fight is unavoidable at this time. Freedom is on the line. The whole world is on the line. This is it boys, if America falls to this coup, darkness will take over the world. We have many dark days ahead of us. May most of us see the light on the other side or die trying.

We owe these traitors nothing: not respect, not decency, nor mercy. We Owe Them Nothing!!!


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  1. Guido says:

    Great read, Wes

    I have two questions:

    How many Antifa toe tags does one receive initially? and:

    Is there an early bow season?

    • CharlesKuralttttt says:


      • Roger Maynard says:

        Here’s the problem. Good guys don’t start fights, they stop, end, finish, or win the fight. Second problem. Unless the bad guys directly confront good guys, there is no opportunity to stop, end, finish, or win the fight! So how do you “out bad the bad guys” and stay the moral/legal high ground?

        • SemperFi, 0321 says:

          There is no moral high ground when fighting these people, if you really believe that you’ve already lost.
          You’re not dealing with moral people, these are communists with a long history of playing dirty so playing nice will get you killed along with all your other gullibility.
          You have to go out and kill every single one of these cancerous vermin, if not they will be back next week/month/year. And if you can’t do that, don’t even show up to the fight.

          • MadMagyar says:

            The best thing I ever saw on Mike VB’s site (Sipsey Street Irregulars) didn’t come from him. He kept on insisting that ‘we’ not commit another Ft Sumpter blunder, thereby “losing the moral high ground”. I groused a few times about that, seeing that all through the Bush and Obama administrations we were losing ‘ground’, no matter high or low. Then Mike posted a comment on the sidebar for a little while (it’s not currently on the archived pages):

            “Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.” -- -- Kurt Hofmann.

            Then I knew we stood a chance. I’d read, and encouraged others to read Ross’ Unintended Consequences. So now I wonder where are the 0317 teams we need?

          • Frank says:

            I like your style.

          • DEFCON 1 says:

            A Men! We must follow them find where they live and who they associate with and there next link in the chain of command and then roll them up till nothing is left. We must do this for our grand children and their children so they may know peace.
            It will be ugly, but no one is ever given freedom it must be taken by blood sweat and tears. This nation has squandered it’s birthright and now it will cost us to reclaim it.

          • Aldtrao says:

            Killing a person does not kill the evil idea they carry. Another will take their place. The social engineers on high will see to that. Why should we make this mistake, and yes, lose the moral high ground, when we know that the enemy will make this mistake? They don’t like our ideas and want to kill us for them. I don’t doubt for one moment that they will try. The only thing I wonder is, when they finally come for us in our homes, will it already be too late to resist them? But going on the offensive and creating more chaos in the country will not stop this from happening. You would have to be able to cut off every head of the hydra to stop it. If there was a civil war in every town today, China would be seize the opportunity and kick down our doors tomorrow. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

          • Mark says:

            Correct and well said. Semper Fi

        • Elder Son says:

          For Gods sake!

          “Unless the bad guys directly confront good guys…”

          Seriously, what planet have you been on?

          They are out there rioting, looking, committing mayhem, arson, property destruction, assaults, great bodily harm, and murder… and they promise more, meaner. On behalf of the DNC/Babel Globalists.

          I’m guessing when you say “good guys” you mean, you. Personally. Well golly! As long as they are raping your daughter, and not “good guy” you, they didn’t “directly confront good guy” you.

          As long as it does not directly happen to “good guy” you, none of your business! As long as it happens to my neighbors, my country kin only, none of my business!

          Whitewashed sepulcher, virtuous Churchian. Sucking on the milk of muh baby Jesus in a manger, rather than eating the meat of the Lion of Judah.

          I can tell you this, if half the “Patriot Bowel Movement” men today had been the men of the revolution, not only would have we lost, but it never would have gotten off the ground.

          I can just hear it… Hey boys! None of those cannons and muskets in store are mine, so none of my business.

          But muh “moral/legal high ground!”

          Ef duty. You pious Pharisee.

        • Good guys are as such: I hate drama, but if you make me get out of my Lazyboy…. I’m gonna kick your ASS.

        • recurvelife says:

          Right here is what’s wrong with America. Wait, don’t confront, no opportunity. It’s showboat patriots like this that the United States in government controls the people and not the people control the government. Hell, I’ll bet you didn’t even know that by Constitutional law, Article 1 Section 8, that Congress is to provide for arming the Militia. Probably not. The citizens are the law, the citizens make the laws through a representative fellow citizen that we elect, WE ELECT. The people make the laws, the government doesn’t make the laws against the people. And that’s what has happened because men, have gone the way of soy boys. Defense of freedom and liberty must absolutely be defended by the people through militias.
          To deploy to locations, secure ballots, hold buildings, defend from corruption and tyranny, put down rioters, protect the citizens when the government we created has failed to protect innocent from lawlessness.

          We have let slip the fundamental group that made this nation what it is today, citizens, militia, call it what you will, but a very large and strong Militia is absolutely necessary in each and every state, not run by military, Congress or any other government, but by the people. Let’s hope men come back in the future to create this great citizen army and proactively let those know who we voted in that we will remove them by any means on injustice to people.

          Constitution also gives us the right (Militia) to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.

      • Me, pouring gasoline over my head, and lighting up a Pall Mall. No more bushy eyebrows for ME!

    • rlm4765 says:

      The economic destruction coming from a second wave of “covid” lock downs combined with the civil unrest from all the lies the media will spin out of this contested election will usher in the last 8 years that looks as though it will commence on or about the 20th anniversary of 9/11:

  2. Steven says:

    “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”
    Daniel Webster

    “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.” -- Darth Sideous

  3. Paraclete says:
    This site is the national listing of
    events which the commies are planning…
    Happy hunting

  4. ChuckInBama says:

    Uh, yeah, about that fighting thing….can’t show up. I’ve got a killer schedule at work tomorrow….
    Says EVERY conservative in America today.

  5. NTS says:

    OK, so have we prepped the battlefield? Identified the dedicated leftists/democrats? Planned power and water cutoffs to their cities? Arranged with business outside the democrat cities to cease (or minimize if “cease” is not economically possible) sales of ammo, food, fuel, electronics, guns, etc. to them? Alas, no.

    • Greg says:

      oh come on…its not THAT BAD…the USA is still the best that the world has to offer…spend some time overseas in central asia, northern africa or central america and see just how lucky you are to be a US citizen.

      • ron martin says:

        I’ve been to all those places and many, many more in my 77 years. Guess we should just sit around in our “best country in the world” until it becomes a permanent hellhole too late to resuscitate. Sty home while real men and women do your fighting for you..

      • Paraclete says:

        Greg…you’re missing the point…
        The commies will bring that, which you’ve
        witnessed “oversees”, here.
        It’s time to shoot them out of our Republic.

      • I could chomp down a big bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that. You don’t know how lucky you are that they don’t tax stupid.

      • david i carter says:

        Thanks greg,a voice of sanity.

  6. SFC Johnny US Army Retired says:

    Every movement requires leader(s). Who will step forward?

    • oldtimer505 says:

      This is an excellent question. I truly wish I had an answer to it. I can only comment that if there is someone out there with such knowledge that they begin to turn it into action. We “must” stop this bully now! If we don’t he or she will only grow stronger. Draw the line in the sand!

    • Frank lewis says:

      Which conflicts with- the warrior doesn’t pick the battle, the battle picks the warrior. So there has to be a trip wire tripped, in order to trigger the warriors into action.

      • oughtsix says:

        We have shambled and stumbled over a hundreds trip wires over the last ______X_______ decades without fighting back.

        If we can’t realize the truth of this, the Big One Now, and act accordingly, we, our children and the future of the planet are lost indeed.

        What are you waiting for?


    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      As a former VN era USMC Recon NCO, I’ve studied folks for decades now, tried to teach folks about gunsmithing and certain military skills, but they all seem to know more than I do. TV/media has made most all of them instant experts who would rather argue than learn, because some guy on YouTube with dubious credentials said different.
      I’m past caring, since they won’t listen, let them learn the hard way.

      • the Horse says:

        They will learn the hard way! Think of the French and Russian revolutions. America hasn’t seen anything yet. The horrors are coming and folks are still worrying about what their neighbors think.

        • PilgrimUSA says:

          I am not so much concerned about what my neighbors think….I live in a rural area. I AM concerned about what the Lord Jesus thinks. I told my grandson yesterday that it all comes down to who fires the first bullet. Remember Bunker Hill. It all started with one bullet fired, and one death…between a Redcoat army (legitimate in those days and representative of the government) and a ragtag group of American patriots (very small, very disorganized, very much on the outside). Then all hell broke loose. BUT also remember that half of the people in the Colonies supported England’s king. We need to be discerning about what we say, to whom we say it, and form our own “Sons of Liberty” small groups.

      • bruce dawson says:

        I’m sorry I did not know you as my neighbor. I’m old, but I”m not dead yet. Best of luck. worm

    • TOM S says:

      This. This is my question.

    • Daniel says:

      We have a leader. He is our President. The election is still in play. If they succeed in stealing it, we may see him pivot to leading the Patriots through the fight that ensues.

  7. Vermillion says:

    Well said Wes. Like the left, WE must shed the notion of abiding by the law, shed the thought of fighting a fair fight, most of all discard the don’t fire until fired upon mentality. The left fight using only one rule “WIN”. Win doing everything they can possibly do. Lie, cheat, steal, kill, loot, burn maim, fixing elections and on and on. No holds barred. The left keeps the fight going. Incrementally upping their force and reach with little to no push back. There are no leaders at this time. WE, at least for now, do what each individual can to to save our Republic. Every little thing WE can do helps. Do your part from the shadows. Reach out and touch someone from the darkness.

  8. LT says:

    …nor should it.


  9. Ramsay says:

    Is there really a gain I n fighting to keep living alongside 70 million people who thought it wise to be governed by a corrupt hack and a socialist whore? Unless someone is talking about putting down 70 million Biden voters, including practically the entire federal work force to eliminate everyone who voted for that moron, how are things going to be better afterward with those people still sharing the country?

    Wouldn’t it be better to use the electoral map as a starting point for just walking away from them and going it alone? Yes, it would take state leaders with balls, and companies willing to stop sending tax dollars to DC, and being prepared to suggest to any IRS, ATF or FBI that they best move on because there wasn’t anything for them to enforce around here any longer. But at least something better would come out of any fight required. Think of the dead weight left behind.

    Is it better to fight to keep living with 160 million people I don’t want to live with, or is it better to walk away and be prepared to fight to live with 160 million people I do want to live with?

    • Timothy E Tucker says:

      They hate us all, you couldn’t trust them to abide by any social contract if it means compromising their cult belief. They would eventually claim ownership of your castle and lands, and eventually your life. Inform them of their crimes and send them to judgement!

    • Guido says:

      Takers vs. Makers.


  10. Tyler Durdan says:

    If it’s war they want, then it’s war they shall have. Total war. there are no innocent bystanders. shoot them all. pull them out into their front yard and shoot them all. burn their house, burn their car. erase them. I want their burnt heads on pikes.

  11. MichiganDoug says:

    I should probably buy some ammo- hey wtf who bought it all?

    • David says:

      There is more available ammo at cheaper prices by far than a month ago.
      Check out all he sites,it’s there now.I just got a hundred more rounds plus shipping than I did a month ago for 400 rds by itself.

  12. robert orians says:

    Why bless their little hearts . Very little hearts .

  13. A man too far says:

    Just wait. Let the final results come in. If it’s Biden/Harris let them make there first dictate then we will go from there.

    If it’s Obama care again, let it roll. It will hurt their base just as much as us. Same with shutting down fracking--$10.00 gas for all. Same on the green economy. Let them turn their own base against them.

    New States, court packing, etc, etc. We have the Supreme s and the Senate. BU,Bu,But…when they cancel Joe’s ticket to ride and the California girl takes over and starts cranking out Presidential Orders to grab the guns that should be the trigger for game time. Waiting is over.

    Lets hope they go for them whole hog and all at once. The word will get out faster than a bullet and that will be game on. If they do it on the sly--“Give us you’re guns and keep quiet because this is a national security matter that will get you 20 or dead to violate.” Then there has to be a system put in place to get the word out and tell us where it’s going down. All the local guys should take care of that until more guys--single guys 100 miles--can come help. It would probably be nation wide with the media cooperating with a flood of denials. There’s an answer for that.

    Just remember Ruby Ridge, Waco, ???, Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, the Alamo and a thousand other places our Fathers paid for with their love of family and God. And your honor; is it gold plated or covered with the product of loose bowels. If you can’t shoot them in the face, shoot them in the back. Dead is dead and besides they won’t show up at your front door one on one. Hand them a throw away piece of crap and get your family to safety until we can get a critical mass put together.

    And please practice lying, over and over. Imagine them kicking down your door, shooting your dog and flash banging your baby. Stay calm, give them the decoys. We can burn them at the stake later. Just get away for now and get the word out. That is our salvation; get the word out, get the word out, get the word out, get the word out to every State and Town.

    Until then you that are organized should query your county Sheriffs as to their intentions in truly defending the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Turn up the heat on them before with Town Halls, Beer Busts, etc,etc and all of them civil but adamant about the subject of gun confiscation until you get his answer or start looking for his replacement if it’s the wrong answer. If he’s good to go get him some election money and volunteers come election time. If he’s a cork screw—take care of it during showtime.

    Article here:

    Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) (.org .com?)

    Our problem will be getting a fixed target--who, what, where and when. Single guys first; fast and furious expecting chaos in the first hours. Do not defend; attack, attack, attack until they run then make sure the word is getting out—call people tell them what is happening to spread the word—while you organize a defense with outliers for ambushes and attacks to draw them off. Your new name is Erwin Rommel; think like him; stay ahead of the cockroaches. OODA Loop them 24/7 until they throw up from dizziness. Force the media to broadcast your message nationally, they will love the story. If they don’t; take care of it. Do not let them call you terrorists on pain of death. Force them to call you National Patriots and Defenders of the Constitution, etc. Control the camera and mike, it’s your story.

    If you stand down to negotiate a deal they will out flank you while they bring in the shooters. You must trust in God and take the fight to them until they are dead or disarmed. The truth is you are dead men buying time for your countrymen to rise up into a critical mass that can bring death and destruction to their doorstep. And that is why I say that first offering of blood on the alter of love of country should be single men. 17 to 60 with no hope of getting older. But every ounce of their blood will be paid for with an ocean of cockroach blood. There will be no reconciliation, no do-overs. Just rage until this contamination of treason is burnt out of existence.

    We know what the intentions of the enemy are so there can be no other answer. Any stand-down will work in the cockroaches favor. If you must talk the fighting cannot stop. That will put pressure on them and maybe buy us some time to strategize and develop tactics and organize in general.

    Too much talk here. I apologize. Montana will answer the call.

    Blog Master: delete my e-mail please.

  14. joe says:

    I read every comment but what can I actually do?

    • Diggler says:

      You can research. What journalists make all of the negative noise that gaslights your locality. What politicians gaslight in your locality. I don’t care for politics, I care for truth. I’ll take an honest democrat over a corrupt republican any day of the week.

      Look after the people you identify. Speak out about them. Call them out for any mis-truths or lies. Make noise so people know them for what they really are.

  15. Bob says:

    95%of the people will accept any form of government, without ever firing a shot.But to those of us who will fight. Give no quarter,take no prisoners let the streets of America run red with the blood of all the TRAITORS war is being forced upon us,either you will fight,or you if you live will be a slave.A BRAVE MAN DIES ONCE,A COWARD DIES A THOUSAND TIMES.

  16. PilgrimUSA says:

    I feel despair that cowards actually voted for a corrupt, demented man and evil, EVIL woman because they were afraid that the leftists would riot and destroy. Those “pacifists” who say that America will survive this. No, it won’t. My heart breaks for my grandchildren.

  17. Rgr tht, Wes. This insurrection was a long time in coming, on many different fronts to weaken our combined resolve. Mental, physical and spiritual. A form of Marxist/Globalist “Total War” in the same vein of Von Clausewitz, et. al. Unfortunately, these POS traitors had a plan for those who shot up a warning flare every so often-to marginalize and malign as wackaloid conspiracy theorists. A Goebbels/Bernays wet-dream, the fake MSM carried that H2O all the way home like the little piggies they are. However, it’s usually darkest just before the dawn..

  18. Martin Lisota says:

    All well and good!
    But how do we organise to confront this nonsense!
    Who is going to be the leader of the resistance!

  19. Vingo says:

    Who wants fight to keep the commie antifa and commie blm as fellow citizens? Join the “league of the south” and secede from this dysfunctional multicultural union. How about fighting to kick them out? What does God himself think about multiculturalism? Would it surprise any here that God is against multiculturalism? See the book: The living sin of the multicultural Christian. Let God have his say.

  20. MadMagyar says:

    Just for the record, the population of Wisconsin, according to in 2019 = 5.82 Million, and NOT 20 million. So yeah, mathematically impossible.


  21. Frank says:

    DemonRats have destroyed everything already. No more fun, concerts, sports, jobs over a friken cold virus. I despise demonrats. Whats left? CWII thats what.

  22. rob banks says:

    Everyone wants peace. Everyone likes peace. So you may think it’s honourable to continue to preach your pacifist ways. It’s not. That’s where you are wrong. The vast majority of people on the right and most in the middle don’t want war, The leftist especially the far left love war because it is the only way to accomplish their goals and gain the power the crave. everyone else for the most part just wants to be left alone. This is why the the left riot and destroy everything, people in the center and right have to be dragged kicking and screaming before they engage the enemy.

  23. csaaphill says:

    Regardless whether people puss much or not Babylon falls with violence. Then a angel holding a millstone threw it into the sea, the same Babylon will fall by violence. Revelations.

  24. T Fries says:

    I’m no genius. I’m not a superhero or a martyr. I can’t get around like ten years ago, if I had to kneel into a shooting position, I’d likely get a gnarly leg cramp. I remember back in the 90’s and all those great stories were coming out Unintended Consequences etc , I used to think how clear cut the ” revolution to restore the republic” would be. It seemed like it would be like fishing in a barrel, after all most Americans would be at least sympathetic to our plight and mission , who wouldn’t ? Only the most despotic bullies would be against America’s great documents of freedom and those who defend those ideals. Right ? A handful of communist politicians and some professors, few talking heads here an there , some turncoat feds and Leo’s that forgot their oath and a few scattered military units , conceivably it wouldn’t take more than a couple weeks. Were for what’s right ! We’re the real Americans , trying to preserve our countries ideals. How could we lose , only a traitor would be against us. That’s how it seemed to me when I played it out in my mind , all those times. I’m the good guy. I’m doing what’s right and lawful. I’ll have the support of my family ,my neighbors , my city and all those who support freedom.
    That was 20-25 years ago. I wasn’t alone , I know. Like many , I waited for something to take shape. Something that would pop loudly , something that would be a clear and easy signal to action. I wasn’t a general, I wasn’t even a soldier , but I read about these groups all over my country that would stand up when the time came. Then these events happened like Waco , Ruby Ridge , that for sure we’re signs that all wasn’t well in the land of old glory. Nothing. No call , no show. I waited. The Internet wasn’t even here yet but I waited ,listening to Truth Radio , reading ASG , going to gun shows and talking to fellow enthusiasts . We all agreed, that time was getting close. There was no call. There was a few guys here and there that got busted by F Troop for firearm related violations . Still no great call to action. I used to think that , how many more children had to burn to death or how many more young mother’s had to die while pregnant , getting shot like a prize whitetail by some FBI asshole. How many more families awakened by breaking glass and flashbangs had to lose their dogs and be humiliated at point blank by macho SWAT guys serving a warrant on a shotgun filed half an inch too short. Still nothing. I talked to old guys , Vietnam vets, CO’s , retired cops and military , yeap they agreed some shits coming down the pike. I could have just said fuck it ,and took the first punch to see what happened. Although I’d be dead right now. Since then so many questionable things have taken place Iraq war , 9/11 , Patriot act NDAA , NAFTA , Sandy Hook , Las Vegas ,nothing . No mass cry of bullshit. False flag! Liars ! War criminals!
    Nothing. A few complaints here and there. Some questioning here and there , quickly followed by being labled a nut conspiracy dude. Someone’s been eating too much x files…. I took the jokes , the rolled eyes , the name calling all in stride. Sticks. Stones. Clinton, Bush , Obama. The song remained the same only the names have changed. Nothing. Our government ruined sovereign countries , probably for centuries. Then left them declaring ‘failed state!!’ our goverment danced like a marionette for Zionist Israel. Libya ,Iraq ,almost Syria. The enemy. “The enemy”. These people are TERRORISTS. Really. ? Seriously ? Naw , see I saw what you did , I paid attention and checked your official narrative. Iraq didn’t create Al queda , you did ! Syria didn’t create Isis , you did ! Gaddafi might not have been the local football coach but he sure didn’t deserve to get beheaded by insurgents you funded. Oh , my bad. In case you’ve been asleep , You -- being various intelligence like CIA MOSSAD MI6 , various corporate entities like Monsanto , Various banking entities , zionists ,globalists, namely CFR . That’s who the fingers pointed at. They’re the real bad guys. They will murder and steal till everything is theirs and everyone’s dead or a slave. It’s not just the local corrupt cop. Not just the governor or some liberal senator’s. Not just a bunch of unwashed pinkos burning shit down. Not just an entire administration. Not just some major networks taking heads and Hollywood moguls who may or may not be sexually abusing kids and or boiling souls ( whatever that is) . It’s big ! It’s huge and organized and they have untold billions of dollars ! They now have control of America ! ( Well, to be honest they’ve had control for a long fucking time) remember the great General Smedly Butler ? How long ago was that. Nobody cares , nobody listened. Ridiculed by most. There’s been plenty of warnings. Nobody listened. JFK. Nothing. Snowden risks his fucking life and nobody’s willing to read what he has released. Our government is sick, and corrupt. The new world order is real. Bush said so and nobody listened. Bush Sr dies and how many of you observed a somber moment of silence for that fucking jackal. Fuck him. Fuck the Bush family. Fuck the Clinton’s too. Will our military remember their oath. Will the FBI , local cops ? I doubt it. I’ve been waiting and watching for 35 odd years and the only time I recall some iron being shown was the Bundy Ranch , kudos to you sirs for doing what was right. As I said , I’m no hero and no genius. I’m no leader. Just a guy who learned to read between the lines long ago. I still have plenty of fight left. I can still hear a bugles call. I had plenty on my mind and I had something to say. If something bad happens to me , I have strength in knowing my words are here for all to see , because the moderator is a true patriot and wouldn’t dare to deny my patriot inspired post. See you all in hell. Long live liberty.

    • david i carter says:

      That was one helluva post fries,i acually enjoyed reading it.

      • Martin Lisota says:

        I’m with ya on all those points my friend!!
        But will get down in a shooting stance and
        And if the time comes!!

    • Truth-In-Tension says:

      Thank you T Fries for your post. It was correct on all counts. Well said!

    • Luke says:

      Wicked post. As much as I blame the Boomers I can also empathize. The big kick in the guts for me was the protest in Virginia. 20,000 armed patriots and not one set of balls. Someone has to get the ball rolling and because I’m a big phony but honest with myself that ‘aint me.

  25. DDrake says:


  26. Mag says:

    How about Trump making an alliance of the Republican States and declaring a rebellion??? That’s the way I believe!! We need someone important to organize us!!

  27. John says:

    What does a guy who wants to fight do when he has no idea what to do? Just sitting around waiting for it to come to my door isn’t a plan. Looking for direction.

    • TOM S says:

      This man…see my more involved question…

    • Guido says:

      Just an observation here….
      These fascist anarchists and Antifa fans have no emotional involvement with, and really very little knowledge of, the excrement that spews from their mouth.
      They are a bunch of idjit puppets on strings being manipulated by educators and lamestream media moguls. They have no actual ideas or even semi-critical thought processes, they exist on tofu and sound bytes learned from their “mentors” in school.
      How absurd is it that ignorant white punks would scream in a black man’s face that “they know nothing about being black!”
      Their existence is nothing more than a learned narrative.

      The puppet-masters are fairly obvious…..Educators and media.
      There will always be crooked politicians, commies, and manipulators. When teachers and media join their ranks in force, we have the shit sandwich of Portland, Seattle, Philly, Ferguson, etc.

  28. TOM S says:

    This is my sincere question to all. We here reading this KNOW it’s time. It’s LONG past time to act. I hear thousands of voices of despair and anger shouting “Man up!”, Grab your rifle!”, “The tree needs watered!”…and that’s all true and well and good and honorable…
    But who is going to organize? Are we to run out like a rag tag bag of lone wolves seeking who might need the ultimate correction? Little neckbeard soy boy being led by the nose by the fuss and excitement of the pseudo-revolutionary moment ain’t affecting a whole helluvalot, it’s way up the chain. THEY have organization, THEY have money flowing at them. One must never underestimate his enemy, and even if he is found, is the plebe’s disposal going to change a thing? It will fuel their “resistance”.
    I’m looking in scripture. Fighting for righteousness is noble. But who? Who leads? Who organizes? At this point, I see no help from those already organized- our over-patronized, infiltrated and compromised militaries. In fact, I see them acting AGAINST us, except for the retired old timers who’ve seen a thing or two.
    So, shedding knee jerk bravado spoken in the anger we all share…what now?? All I see is wait and handle what come to each of our doorsteps, if and when it does. WE are on our collective own.
    Appreciate any solid, real answers. I’ve mulled this for YEARS now…yes, YEARS.
    In the end, I know my Savior reigns and His vengeance is complete and eternal.

    • Any organization is certainly not going to be revealed via internet/social media, and for obvious reasons. Your call-to-action will in all probability be revealed to you in person, by a stranger, in the course of routine activity on your part. If your participation is wanted/desired, they’ll ask you. The deep state is by no means the only “deep state”, they’re only the one you’ve heard about.

  29. healthnut says:

    Part of the problem is we are all separated. Any chance of us meeting in person? Or at least sharing contact info? Having a Zoom call?

  30. healthnut says:

    The biggest reason the left is so successful with their plan is that they are organized. We have to organize. It’s the only way we can win. Otherwise it’s their mob against one of us. Maybe I can help set up a virtual meeting if anyone is interested.

  31. J.Edmer Fudd says:

    I am going to enter this discussion and I want everyone to think about what I am saying. I am 76 years young, and serve on a church security team, volunteers, non paid, non professionals, and last evening it was my privilege to serve as a guard dog, no one would show up to help, ALL others, young or old had more important things to do, too tired, on trips, unavailable, pouring concrete, and so on. We have serious problems here in America, and it is past time for the CITIZENS to grow a set of BALLS and deal with it, we all have observed what has happened, and a lot because of our Christian beliefs have chosen not to confront the issues when presented. Grow up, the wolf is at the door, Samson only had the jaw bone of an ass, but he slew 5,000 Philistines with it. This is gonna get ugly, but WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones that can fix it. We all have been asleep at the wheel and now we are going to pay for that, There is no easy fix, but to put it off any longer will only make it more difficult to do; look around you, we are lacking leaders to carry the flag in these difficult times; get with it, your and my children, grandchildren demand it. In God we Trust.

  32. WilliamtheResolute says:

    THIS…“Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.” — — Kurt Hofmann.

  33. Timothy E Tucker says:

    Bottom Line: We’re the troops and we need a leader to bring our force to bear on the threat to our Life ,Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. We have a leader. His name is Donald J Trump. His fight is Our fight, and Our fight is his fight.This fight is not just beginning. It started when DJT announced his run for office, and has not stopped or let up. It’s time we all realize we are going down individually if we don’t come together behind the leader that Providence has provided. Get yourselves ready for the call to arms, I don’t believe DJT will take this coup lying down. He will attempt to resolve the coup through the courts.

    If all of this is Circus, we’ll soon sniff it out.

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  35. Sabre22 says:

    If people would have been paying attention this past year you would have seen that california and quite a few other Blue States were NOT cleaning out their voter roles Wisconsin had 200,000 People who had died or moved out of state or pick a reason the DEMONRATS in charge of cleaning them out refused to obey a COURT ORDER to delete them from the voter roles and now you see the result more registered voters than people eligible to vote. Probably something similar going on in Michigan. Back to California Los Angeles County has 1.5 million REGISTERED VOTERS the people eligible to vote They were sued by Judicial Watch and I am not sure the county cleared them off the voter roles before the election. After the 2000 election the DEMONRATS went after all the Secretaries of State or the STATE Government position in charge of the elections they could get their hands on and this is the result.

  36. Arch Stanton says:

    This election is ridden with crime and fraud. People should go to jail…but they won’t. From this day forward vote with your trigger finger.

  37. csaaphill says:

    Biden is not my President nor will I obey him. Mark of the Beast is next if it’s not already here! Or the Global Beast was healed. Either way the Tribulation just ratcheted up.

    • Martin Lisota says:

      Couldn’t of said it any better!
      They opened this can of worms a long time ago
      It’s time for patriots to put the lid back on!!

      • Gryphon says:

        “It’s time for patriots to put the lid back on!!”

        Fool. Finister’s Law of evolving Systems Dynamics --
        Once you Open a Can of Worms, you need a Much Bigger Can to put them all back In.

  38. csaaphill says:

    I am watching the Patriot with Mel Gibson I think it’s time for those to watch that.
    but to the pussification of the let the Constitution play and any hope for what we all know is long overdue slips each day so here is your wait and see:

  39. csaaphill says:

    Am I being moderated? for my links? they don’t show no porn or anything nor do they show anything illegal. I posted Two links that show what your hurry up and wait will get us.
    Nixon, a Republican, started some of this crap. He with a wave of his pen started the or added to camp FEMA. For I think JFK actually got the ball rolling.
    My links show that on the CDC website they have plans for just that. NC may be in the Region 1 and 2 but here We’re in FEMA camp region 10. My three states where all my family is in this region accept maybe some unknowns… I know the same goes for all on her too just saying. Point is no state Red or Blue is safe they are part of these Regions. The one state I was thinking of running to is in the same Region so no point on that…
    I was reading last night that FEMA has the right and power to take over completely, certain situations. Coronavirus now would be that situation especially with this Sodomite Biden in charge with the way it looks. He’s already stated he’d mandate mask wearing, he’d also mandate we take a Vaccine, with the links I posted that is and more than likely become a reality. Inslee and in California has already made public announcements of doing just the thing in the links i posted.
    In Hawaii they did do road block to force people get tested this is reality and not some conspiracy theory it did happen. In the Lew Rockwell link I posted with a video they had footage in NZ and the leader of that Country saying when asked of those who want to refuse to be tested and or, not take a vaccine, her answer was, they can’t. She said they wont be able to leave and that will be incentive. I think, and if it’s ran out, there is a federal state of emergency that still is in play, and if not Biden will… Governors in Red and blue states have violated the bill of rights so what makes you think now is any different or the courts will be on our side? In February and or March our freedom was gone and it won’t return. At that point on, our freedoms and liberties died. A few years ago when people would say “Do you really think Americans in uniform (cops, military) would do that”? Most of the rhetoric about camp FEMA would die. Now! we live with this virus, and it;s called a health emergency our rights mean nothing now! They with this virus will use the collective thinking, and reasoning, to force their will on you. You can’t sue, those days are gone.The Constitution and bill of rights are now effectively dead…
    We have from now until Biden is sworn in to prepare. Stock up on food, water and ammo and whatever you can now. Once he’s in office all of what we’ve feared for so long will become reality.
    Almost every legal battle Trump started has already been turned down that I’ve seen so far.
    Yesterday a bid to have the ballots segregated against those that came in after Nov 2nd failed in Michigan. The only one that I seen make it through was to allow people to watch and the count go on. The system will not defend you, it will side with the Beasts interests and continuity of Govt./beast. OR to have it stopped in Philadelphia failed or something so my above statement may be incorrect, but the point is the beasts interests have prevailed not ours…
    Babylon no matter what and yes I am calling this Country Babylon falls by violence. Not calling for it not condoning it just saying what the bible does say.

  40. csaaphill says:

    yes and who was it that halted vote counting on election night, and why? Trump had a good margin lead in states like Michigan, Penn, Georgia, NC, and a few others, and almost 80-90% in those states in so how is it the next day they all of a sudden find tons of ballots?
    Fox also shows it not just CNN but they also show it. I don’t mean what I just said. I mean in blue counties in those states they keep and or kept saying there’s lots of ballots still coming in ???? huh wtf the county is blue so it’s already won by Biden so how is it that more ballots are still out?
    Man yeah and that moment has been long gone now.
    I did see on the AP that someone or two was arrested around poll sites for gun charges so it seems some have tried to act??? but not enough nor will most see that and just say well they deserve it cuss they broke the law!!! lol.
    Well… I guess let it all play out….Pfft!

  41. Just another deplorable says:

    The best way to start/win this war is to take their toys away. Shut down google, facebook, twitter, newspapers and youtube, and we win. Stop going to movies and buying anything other than necessities, and we win. Shut down our half of the economy, and we win.

    Remove their voice, remove their toys, remove their platform. We have the numbers for a war, but I am not convinced that we have the heart for a war. We will have to fight, neighbor against neighbor, father against son, brother against brother. It will be an ugly war, but if we break their spirit early, then it may be a short war. Yes, many will die, including innocent people, but the deaths do not need to be in vain.

    People are saying this is the end times as predicted in the Bible. God does not need my help to win the war, but I will not be fighting for God, I will be fighting to give others a chance to turn to God. But hey, today’s youth believe the Bible is just a fairy tale, and we are being silly to believe such drivel. Look around. Events foretold in the Bible are happening. It is only a matter of time before a third of the world dies. Is our “war” just another part of God’s plan?

  42. csaaphill says:

    Alito, I guess partially sided with Trump, and Had PA ballots that came in after election night be segregated. But from what I read or seen on Faux news they had already done that and there wasn’t that many but…
    But lies are what they are about
    If you haven’t seen this it shows on their own site that masks are largely ineffective. It shows that 14 days before the onset of this illness over 70% who wore face masks always still caught the virus. 3.9% who never did still caught it. you’re safer if you don’t wear the darned thing.
    Ezekiel 33:6 only holds me to give the warning not to make people believe.

  43. csaaphill says:

    Anyone see this yet?,13s
    If you haven’t watch it all the way through. It’s an hour but…

  44. csaaphill says:

    What happened to my other with Ezekiel warning?

  45. csaaphill says:

    Well he’s the President now so!!!!???? IF your on C-Span and listening to the phone in calls listen to what the Dems are saying about Covid 19 and what needs to be done. From some women I just heard on there from NY, Tyranny is coming. OK it’s been here for years, but the worst tribulation tyranny soft, or hard tyranny disguised as care, has already started when this Plandemic hit but if it’s soft or hard tyranny is coming. More death by cop, more unwarranted searches as I seen under Obama, more of just walking down the street and a cop rolling up on you whether your black or white over nothing and more than likely ending up dead even though he had no legal right to do what he did to begin with. More people disappearing not Raptured but being whisked away into some prison for months or years without charges or even knowing why.
    Green zones will be set up and if you don’t have your covid19 certification you will not be able to move about without a escort to make sure you don’t go near anyone not at risk, is coming.
    OK Trump is fighting but the legal battle wont do any good. Mark of the beast will be next.

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