The Final Consequence of Obama’s Transformation

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2 Responses to The Final Consequence of Obama’s Transformation

  1. JSW says:

    Law abiding citizens who own guns are not the problem. Guns themselves are not the problem. Letting illegals, crazies (and I include Muslims in there) and criminals into our country is the problem. Get them out, keep them out, and clean up the inner cities of criminals. If by some crazy chance that doesn’t solve the problem, us law abiding gun owners will be more than happy to then discuss the issue in depth. Because we know there won’t be a problem if those things are done! Furthermore, I would be questioning why a preschool was terrifying my three year old.

  2. Average Joe says:

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
    deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
    Benjamin Franklin

    Does she not realize it is GOVERNMENT that has created the problem? Why not argue that government address the problems they created rather then the people who suffer as a result? Maybe she missed the headlines showing the be headings and the victims who were burned alive. Giving up the ability to defend oneself will make the problems far worse, not better.

    Maybe this assessment is more correct…..

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