The Government Has Lost Control of COVID-19

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Consider this: California is asking 7,600 people to self-quarantine themselves. Does this mean they are acknowledging that they do not have the resources in place to address this pandemic? And if that is the case, should we put ourselves under self-quarantine until COVID-19 burns itself out?

The question of self-quarantine is now an “if” based on what little information we get from the CDC. I believe the time frame for self-quarantine will become self-evident anytime within the next few weeks based on what is happening in Italy and South Korea.

Here are some considerations based on information that we know. From the Disaster Princess, we know that people can be asymptomatic for 30 days (and possibly longer). Since people were still eating their meals in large concentrations in the cruise ship’s buffet after the outbreak occurred, I believe 30 days is a reasonable time frame for the asymptomatic phase.

Based on the information of confirmed cases worldwide versus the number of recovered people, the best guess for onset of symptoms and recovery is 14 days (but probably longer). This time frame will become clearer based on information from Japan, South Korea and Italy. The third period to be considered is how long a person is infectious after “recovery”. If we consider a normal coronavirus infection, that is another 14 days. That means a self-quarantine period of roughly two months to ensure that you are not going to get infected by someone else if you want to be safe. If you develop symptoms, then you probably can assume one month before you are not contagious.

However, any of your caretakers will be under a 30 period from their last exposure to ensure that they have not become symptomatic. Since the government is lying to us concerning this pandemic, how can we determine when the virus has burned itself out and it is safe to come out after a self-quarantine? This is an important question that you must ask yourself now because you will need to cover your food, medical and other necessities for that period of time. And time is running out for buying supplies. Also ask why the government is still saying a 14 day quarantine period is acceptable?

My minimum estimate is ninety days. Sixty days to ensure you do not have it and another thirty days just to be sure no one in your area is contagious. And that is a very optimistic assessment. The world’s economy will not be able to withstand even a thirty day period under these conditions but at least we will be alive.

I submit that some actions are prudent now. Restaurants, meetings and movie theaters are all off of our list. Gas stations are relatively safe since human interaction can easily be eliminated – wear gloves or wash your hands after pumping to be safe. For us, that leaves work and food shopping. We have contingency plans in place now to eliminate these issues.

David DeGerolamo


California Tells 7,600 People To Self-Quarantine Over Concern Of Coronavirus Spread

People in California who have recently returned from visiting China are being asked to stay home for the rest of the month to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

The California Department of Public Health said Friday that 7,600 people have been urged to self-quarantine: stay home, monitor their health and limit interaction with other people.

The figure does not include those who visited the China’s Hubei province region where the virus is thought to have originated, as those travelers have flown on charter flights and been quarantined on U.S. military bases, including Travis Air Force base in Fairfield.

The self-quarantine directive applies to travelers returning to the U.S. on or after February 2.

The U.S. is funneling travelers from China to 11 airports, including San Francisco International Airport, to ensure they get medical screening and medical care. At least 34 people in the U.S. have tested positive for the virus, including 18 who returned home from a quarantined cruise ship in Japan, the Centers for Disease Control said during a conference call with reporters Friday.


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2 Responses to The Government Has Lost Control of COVID-19

  1. Millard Blanchard says:

    Inquiring minds . . . .
    If and when the chini refill the merchandise pipeline it will be by air freight since boats will be too slow. So, theoretically we can have cheap chini goods from the contaminated work bench and in our hands in a matter of days.
    How do we know it’s chini stuff since India makes drugs, food, and other items from chini constituents?
    Set the purchase aside for 30 days and let it self decontaminate? Spray it with disinfectant (dilute bleach?) or be careful not to buy chini merchandise (something we should have been doing a long time ago)?

    • David says:

      North Korea issued a 10 day quarantine for offloading any ships coming to their ports. I believe this is a valid amount of time. Pool shock can be used to make bleach as needed. I hope to write a post on personal decontamination shortly.

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