The Illusion of Truth Effect

Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Among psychologists something like this known as the “illusion of truth” effect.


I have seen many people state that Joe Biden is a decent man. Usually they state this when asked what has he done while in government for 50 years. Such a decent man who has accomplished nothing positive while in “service” to the country:


The media ignore Biden’s illegal activities in China and Ukraine. They ignore his mental decay. They ignore his lies. I seriously think that his chances of being the Democrat Presidential candidate are 0%. At some point, one of the Communists running for President under the Democrat Party will throw a hail Mary pass and expose his illegal activities. For now, this protege of the KKK member Robert Byrd is deflecting his racist past by perpetrating the Charlottesville Lie.

So what does it say about our future when the government and media are using propaganda to win an election? The truth is that this is not about an election. It is about overthrowing the government to institute a Communist “utopia”. The only impediment to their success is the 2nd Amendment.

David DeGerolamo

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