The Key To Seeing What the Future Is

The above video highlights some of what we are facing. Mr. Beck is completely  correct in his assessment of MF Global. Why is Jon Corzine not in custody? Are your life’s savings at risk? What would you do if the banks closed for a bank holiday due to bank runs or the issuance of a new currency?

I understand that most people feel impotent concerning their role in the future of the country. Whether it is apathy, lack of confidence or the belief that our “leaders” will take care of us, most Americans are putting their faith in the 2012 elections. I am putting my faith in God first and then my own actions.

People ask me who I am supporting in the primaries. My standard answer is “I don’t care”. It is not that I do not understand the consequences of Obama being reelected and it is not that I have given up. It is because I understand the financial issues facing the entire world, the resources available when the economic collapse occurs and human nature under stress.

America has seen one man make a difference in the past. We are seeing the impact that one man has made now: Obama’s rise to power represents the concerted efforts of a small group to control the world. I suggest that one man guided by Divine Providence will always triumph over evil. Have you read the Declaration of Independence lately? It is time for us to take hold of our future instead of watching television and waiting another year for a new president to save us. Let this video guide your first steps.

David DeGerolamo

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