The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA


So who is that is printing the signs in the above picture promoting the cessation of police violence?

Without a revolutionary party, you can’t have a revolution

Making revolution against a powerful and vicious enemy—and going on from there to bring into being a whole new world, without exploitation and oppression—is an incredibly challenging and complex process.  Such a revolution requires leadership; it requires an organization with a sweeping vision, a scientific method to analyze reality and how to go about changing it, and serious discipline.  An organization that can awaken and unleash the revolutionary potential of the masses of people, direct their outrage against the real enemy, and loft their sights to the emancipation of all humanity. An organization that can chart the path through the difficult twists and turns of the revolutionary process. That organization is the revolutionary vanguard party.Only with an organization such as this can the masses rise to the historic challenges, and win their emancipation.


Do you believe that the communist party has a sweeping vision? Do you believe our government has a sweeping vision to bring about fundamental change? Do you believe these two entities are mutually exclusive?

David DeGerolamo

h/t Carolyn and Ed U

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  1. pnoldguy says:

    Reading the RCP talking points is just like listening to a Democrat rally. Or reading anything by the teachers union.

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