The Stage is Set For Civil War

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  1. Z-La says:

    “Did Ibn Kaldun Predict the Decline of America?”

    “The biggest threat to America today is not China. It’s not Iran and it’s not North Korea. The biggest threat to America today, undoubtedly, is its own self and a 14th-century Muslim scholar can help us understand why.

    Ibn Khaldun is most famous for his masterpiece, the Muqadimmah, which literally means “the Introduction” – intended as the introduction for his larger volume on history.

    …in the Muqadimmah a new science which would not only record history but would analyse its universal patterns and the basic principles upon which all human societies operate.

    Asabiyya can be usefully thought of as “inter-group solidarity” or “social cohesion.” This mutual feeling of solidarity allows for a group to present a united front and make the necessary sacrifices for their collective benefit. It is the feeling that makes individuals stop seeing themselves as individuals, but rather as members of a collective.

    Ibn Khaldun, however, is clear that though the group perceives their descent from a common ancestor to bind them together, what really creates and keeps asabiyya between people is social familiarity and interaction….

    The implication of this is that while asabiyya may have been originally inspired by the ethnic bonds of tribal peoples, it can usefully be expanded to any political collective.

    This of course begs the crucial question: how does a group lose asabiyya?

    …The natural result of asabiyya is that the group aims to dominate others and achieve political rule. However, it is asabiyya reaching its end goal that marks the beginning of the end….

    The United States has developed an elite straight out the pages of the Muqadimmah.

    Increasingly, the elite live in the same places and go to the same private schools, the same Ivy Leagues, and later work in the same corporate or government jobs.

    On the government level, America increasingly transforms towards a corporate state as public and private power blurs. Lawmakers increasingly do not even read the legislation literally written by corporations and often retire by working for lobbying groups for the same industries they once regulated.

    The average Joe does not understand the complex means by which politicians and corporations legalise all this. But they do know a rigged game when they see one.”…

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