You know, I’ve called this a civil war in the past. I’ve done the very popular speech where I’ve said that. But I think I actually should revise that because a civil war doesn’t really capture it. You know, a civil war — so war is actually pretty civil. You might — no, I’m not joking, actually. You think about the guys in the blue and the grey shooting cannons at each other, but were they really trying to kill each other? They were actually pretty civil to each other. And in World War I, think about that moment where the fighting stops and they’re throwing snowballs at each other, people from different armies who were living with rats, who were on the very edge of death, are throwing snowballs at each other. Can you imagine people on the Left and the Right doing that in America today? Could you imagine us just taking a break and throwing some snowballs at each other?

The war we’re in is actually grimmer. It’s uglier. It’s darker. It’s more relentless than the World War I. Think about that for a moment. What we have is uglier than a shooting war. It’s a culture war.


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