There Is No Difference Between Democracy and Communism

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The Founders never used the words” republic” and “democracy” interchangeably. They had studied various forms and systems of government from throughout history in order to establish a system of government that would best deter a tyrant (in their case King George III), or a group of tyrants, from denying God-given rights to Americans. Interestingly, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution do not use the term democracy to describe our form of government.  Furthermore, “Neither the Articles of Confederation nor the Constitution set up direct democracies.”  The authors of these founding documents disagreed on many points, but on one point they ALL agreed wholeheartedly: “The United States is not a democracy, never was, and never was intended to be. It is a Republic.”  The following statements represent a small sampling of what the Founding Fathers thought about democracies.

Alexander Hamilton asserted that “We are now forming a Republican form of government. Real liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments. If we incline too much to democracy we shall soon shoot into a monarchy, or some other form of a dictatorship.”4  Hamilton, in the last letter he ever wrote, warned that “our real disease…is DEMOCRACY.



T.L. Davis is correct in his latest newsletter:

The difference between a republic and a democracy is the difference between freedom and slavery. This is what the founders understood. Politicians use the term “democracy” as if it’s interchangeable with a republic and it is specifically and intentionally not, because in a democracy 50.1% can strip freedom from 100% of the people and that is what is at foot right now and Republican representatives and senators are as guilty as any Democrat. When they use the term “democracy” they are conditioning the public to accept 50.1% rule.

The difference is in individual rights and preservation of the republic demands that those rights be secured through any means necessary, because without them, we are instituting a revolution to become a democracy. Any government official who uses the term “democracy” is projecting their worldview and, I would suggest, a traitor, because as leaders of the government, they are sworn to defend the Constitution that establishes a republic instead of a democracy and they are not fools, or misled, or misinformed, they are intentionally conditioning the populace to accept 50.1% rule instead of individual rights that secure the republic. Why? Because 50.1% can vote 100% into a collectivist state and I would suggest it already has. That is the battlefield.

So where does this leave the people to whom this great experiment was given? Are we really going to sit back and hand over our freedom to Communists masquerading as our elected elite? The “trial” of the President will either expedite the coming civil war or it will postpone it until after the election (or Trump’s assassination). NEVER underestimate what the enemy will do to enslave us.

Prepare for battle.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to There Is No Difference Between Democracy and Communism

  1. Edgar Hopkins says:


  2. Gary W says:

    Nothing will happen until the serfs lose their easy life like the Big Macs gasoline etc… nobody cares as long as they are not hungry. Tired of waiting for the show to start.

  3. But in reality, we have devolved from a Constitutional Republic to a democracy, to a free-for-all government.

    We no longer have rule-of-law.

    Both the Republican party and the Democrat party violated US with the installation of the usurper 0bama, in the coup of 2008.

    So called Constitutionalist Ron Paul and his Libertarian party went along with the treason.

    Pelosi signed off on the 0bama eligibility treason.

    Our federal supremacist States, Our supreme Court, and Our Military with purged leadership went along with the treason.

    They felt the time was ripe now for the complete globalist takeover of OUR country after so many years that WE have allowed them to violate US.

    We laid down the law, with clear instructions in Our Constitution, then let them defy US.

    Our federal government has been for many years and is still involved in numerous illegal criminal activities. ANY activity not enumerated in Our Constitution is a violation. A violation of the highest law of the land is extremely serious. All Our federal government employees swore an oath-of-office. To defy US and Our States is an illegal criminal activity.

    The wild card is Trump. A huge distraction for them in Our favor.

    But the real solution is US! We can no longer let them defy US.

    Rule-of-Law must be restored to return to a Constitutional Republic!

    Our Constitution, Our Bill-of-Rights, Our Declaration of Independence OR the highway! No more compromise!

    Our States must get back in line too. We can no longer let them defy US.

    Compromise is killing US.

    Everything boils down to “CONSENT”. It always has and always will.

  4. Hadenoughalready says:

    My father, a former Polish soldier and POW of the Nazis, knew this fact well and told me so when I was only 5. I’ve never forgotten this…

  5. a follower says:

    Are we the only ones to claim we are a Republic?
    No. i was surprised at how many Nations claim they too are Republics.
    So what is the difference, or what was the difference when you come down to it?
    God and the people, the way i see it.

    “Rule of Law” some have been saying all Law comes from religion. i believe this is a falseness and as TL. would might say a Lie of omission.
    Who are they omitting?

  6. Les says:

    I have always heard that the definition of a democracy was two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Simple but true!
    I rankles me whenever I hear some elected official talk about “our democracy”. Are they that ignorant? How about at a news conference when one stands and proudly exclaims how we are helping spread “democracy” to other countries. Then at a different news conference the same one will be demanding we unset some despot that was put into office by democracy, being voted in by a majority of the countries citizens! SMH

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